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TROUVER’s Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Solo 10 to Arrive in Russia

TROUVER’s Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Solo 10 to arrive in Russia

TROUVER, a new brand that is a part of the Xiaomi chain, has its goals focused on delivering the best quality products with a unique design. And now, the company is all set to bring its cordless vacuum cleaner named Solo 10 to Russia. It would be launched during the Double 11 Shopping festival, celebrated by the Chinese. To purchase the product, Russian customers need to visit TROUVER’s main retail store online within AliExpress, an online retail service that is part of the Alibaba Group.

The Solo 10 vacuum cleaner comes with high suction power. Moreover, its battery will last longer. With so many amazing features packed within its simple design, Solo 10 would surely be loved by those homeowners who expect the best level of cleaning on all kinds of areas without having to spend a lot of money.

TROUVER Solo 10 works completely on battery operations. Its performance is such that once people start using this one, they may not like to switch back to the age-old classic vacuum cleaners that come with a cord. Its top-class cleaning performance is attributed to the presence of an AERO 3.0 digital motor, which can generate a suction power of about 18000 Pa. The motor rotates at a speed of 80000 RPM while ensuring that it remains high on energy. 

Another important factor contributing to its flawless performance is its 2000mAh power-packed battery comprising 6 cores. This battery ensures that the appliance can go about its cleaning spree around the entire house for 48 minutes at a stretch when charged for a single time, without going low on power. 

TROUVER Solo 10 is the result of the engineering brain put in by aerospace engineers and international designers who were working together to bring in a product that could have a balance between its efficiency rate, utility value, and an aesthetic that would go down well with homeowners. The appliance can be operated with three different power modes that can help saving battery life. Apart from this, the device can be used in either a handheld or an upright model. The appliance brings many additional pieces of equipment like a fabric brush and a crevice tool that enables smooth cleaning on multiple surfaces. 

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an LED color screen that displays the runtime which is left. It also depicts the power mode that is currently in use and also an error report. The device is light in weight, only about 1.4kg, hence becoming simple for users to operate it single-handedly. Another key characteristic of Solo 10 is its ability to dispose of dust without having to touch it. With a single click, all the dust can be removed from the canister, thus relieving the users from the troubles of manually emptying it every time after the cleaning process. 

President of TROUVER Weisheng Zhang went on to say, “Compact yet mighty, TROUVER Solo 10 is another bold extension of our brand with an innovative household cleaning solution that features an aesthetic design without compromising performance and usability. The launch of this device in Russia will also mark a new milestone for us in delivering a best-in-class cleaning experience to global customers, as we bring more innovative designs to global markets in the future,” he added.”

TROUVER’s products have been known to meet all the cleaning requirements desirable in a product strictly. These products come with patented technology that can be used in products with high-level motors, robotics, aerodynamics, noise reduction, and a lot more.

The Solo 10 would be available in the US for $212.49. At the Double 11 Shopping Festival, this would be available at a discounted price of $139.99.

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