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Twitch users can now stream live sports content in its dedicated channel, ‘TwitchSports’

Twitch launches a separate category for live sports content

Twitch is finally launching a separate channel for watching live sports and other such content. Amazon is pushing for dominance in the sports category, and now Twitch will be releasing a separate category for the same. The audiences on Twitch have grown to quite a mark in the previous years or so, which has led the firm to believe that this separate channel launch will be a good idea.

This exclusive sports category will have streams from popular football clubs like Arsenal and Real Madrid. They are also planning on including Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain very soon. This sports channel will also hold all the games or rather the content from sports events like the NBA, UFC, RFL, NHL, and NWSL that are already available on the platform.

The company is also set to relaunch its previous channel called the twitchsports channel. This launch is mainly to put light on the broadcasting and programming sections. The relaunch is planned in a relatively grand manner with the chief guest being none other than Jimmy Conrad, who is a major league soccer star. The launch event will consist of NBA, Arsenal, UFC, and house of highlights.

Each of these will be portrayed using two-hour slots to showcase the kind of content that the platform hosts. This separate channel from Twitch has come out a few weeks after Amazon first streamed premier league soccer for free on Twitch and that too for the very first time. Twitch had previously made its name in the gaming community, where gamers from all over the world would live-stream themselves whilst gaming.

They make money depending on their audience’s interaction. The company has not limited itself to just gaming but is also branching into live streaming physical sports, so gaming enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, and all such communities can be served via one platform.

Another reason for the possible success of this separate sports channel will be the lack of sports events due to the pandemic. While sports events might still be conducted later in the year, there is little chance that fans will be able to attend the games in the stadiums and watch it live. In such a scenario, the best case will be streaming it live online, and this is where Twitch’s sports category will come in.

Amazon has also gained access to or some kind of German license to a package where it gets to stream the UEFA champions league. It also streams Thursday night football matches on Twitch. On the other hand, Twitch also gained access for streaming USA basketball on its platform. Experts are saying that most of these deals point to the idea of Twitch trying to step out from its usual esports and gaming content and into a wider spectrum.

Another good feature about Twitch is that it allows various sports champions to live stream with their fans directly. Lando Norris, a British Formula 1 driver is a regular Twitch streamer. He usually uses his phone to live stream most of the ‘behind the scenes’ kind of content for his fans. Apart from the behind the scenes content, he also uses his platform sometimes to stream his PUBG and Call of Duty games. Some other WWE stars like Austin Ekeler use their twitch platform to reach their fans.

Image Source: The Verge

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