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Twitter announces that it will be deleting inactive accounts in December

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Twitter announces that it will be deleting all the inactive accounts starting from December. It specified that this would indeed clean all the accounts of the deceased. And this will too free up usernames so that it can be used by the ones who have been craving for the specified usernames. But, Twitter says that it will only start the process from December and it says that the process will take a while. So, it is still unknown from when those cleaned up usernames will be available.

Twitter has been sending emails to those users who have not accessed their Twitter accounts for more than 6 months. The users are warned saying access the accounts by December 11th if you do not want to become history. Twitter warns the inactive users saying their account will be deleted and also their usernames will be up for grabs once again. This will probably let loose all the confusions while searching for an account and provide accurate information.

A spokesman of Twitter says, “As part of our commitment to serving the public conversation, we’re working to clean up inactive accounts to present more accurate, credible information people can trust across Twitter. Part of this effort is encouraging people to actively log-in and use Twitter when they register an account, as stated in our inactive accounts policy.”


Though, Twitter informed the inactive users that their accounts might be deleted, which is due to prolonged inactivity. Twitter hasn’t said anything about when these deleted usernames will be available to the existing users. Twitter says the cleaning of inactive accounts “will happen over many months – not just on a single day.” So it asks the existing users not to expect a mass number of usernames being available on December 12th.

Twitters removing process will have a massive impact on the accounts of the deceased. But, still, it does not have a way to memorialize those accounts. Twitter’s cleaning process does not have any impact on the accounts of users who have abandoned Twitter. So, when Twitter was asked about ways of memorializing Twitter users, it said, “We do not currently have a way to memorialize someone’s Twitter account once they have passed on, but the team is thinking about ways to do this.”

But setting up a bot or another secondary account will probably save you if you stay active. Recently, the BBC news Dave Lee reported on account and username that, username cleaning is a usual process of all the major social media giants. Recently, Yahoo also cleaned up all the old inactive accounts. That is, Yahoo launched an “account recycling” in 2013. But the people who grabbed up the freed up usernames ended up receiving emails from the old username contacts.

Also, the users who received emails as they were inactive for such a long time can also stick around Twitter pretty easily. That is they just have to log in and follow some of the Twitter instructions to stick around. They don’t have to Tweet or anything even. So, the users who have not been active for a long time can also hold on to their account and username pretty much easily. So the username you crave for can easily be grabbed by its owner.

Another thing to note is, the username which has five characters will no longer be accepted or registered on Twitter. So, if you are looking for some other username to be freed up and that one has five characters will no longer be registered under Twitter. So, the user who has been using the five-character username should better make good use of it. Because, if they lose it, they no longer will be able to reuse it even it is free.

The email received by the inactive users with the subject line “Don’t lose access to @(username)”. The message says, “To continue using Twitter, you need to agree to the current Terms, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Use. This not only lets you make the best decisions about the information that you share with us, but it also allows you to keep using your Twitter account. But first, you need to log in and follow the on-screen prompts before Dec. 11,2019, otherwise, your account will be removed from Twitter.

Twitter says that this cleaning process is a byproduct of its work, and it will also provide the users with more accurate and credible information. Twitter says that the inactive account policy does not “generally accept requests for usernames that seem inactive”. So a spokesman of twitter said that the usernames “may” become available to the existing users. Twitter asks users to at least log in into their accounts and tweet every six months to prevent them from losing they’re accounts and usernames.

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