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Twitter Banned More than 50 White Nationalist Accounts on Friday

Twitter banned more than 50 white nationalist accounts on Friday

According to a news report by NBC News, twitter banned around 50 white nationalist accounts, and the number might be even more. The firm claimed that these accounts were violating their policies about violent extremism. People are expecting thousands of more accounts to get suspended due to these reasons. Many people had been calling twitter and Youtube out for not taking actions against these accounts associated with the identitarian movement and showcasing extremist behaviors on the platforms. A spokesperson for twitter spoke to AFP and told them that they had banned some twitter accounts for ‘violating their policies about violent extremism’. However, action from Twitter’s end came days after GPAHE(Global Project Against Hate and Extremism) reported that white supremacists had been pushing their agenda on platforms like Twitter and youtube. This report had come out on Tuesday itself, and Twitter’s ban happened on Friday.

In this report’s conclusion, GPAHE stressed on the observation that white supremacy was the cause of terrorist acts against mass casualties as were other types of extremism on a global scale. The report also touched on the fact that online platforms were treating white supremacists more casually than they would treat Islamic organizations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc. A lot of organizations and even governments have tagged these white supremacist groups as a terror threat. However, this report did not mention any particular individual’s account that was popular for their ‘identitarian’ beliefs—unofficial leaders like Martin Sellner, who leads an Austrian chapter, according to GPAHE. The report further noted that there were about 12 different countries with several accounts and almost 86,000 subscribers in total, on youtube and were supporting such content. 

GPAHE’s report indicated that generational identity propaganda encouraged many mass attacks since 2018, including the mosque attacks in Christchurch, Newzealand. Such propagandas encourage the idea that white people are losing opportunities and getting replaced in their own countries by immigrants. The report also said that identitarianism is budding on social media without any check and that it would never happen that terrorist groups like ISIS would be able to spread and grow unchecked like this. People are majorly upset that identitarianism is not being taken action against when it is just as big a cause of terror as any other wrong ideology. 

According to reports, Twitter received a memo that brought it to their attention that there were such white supremacists accounts that had been promoting the generation identity propaganda. This identitarian group has chapters spread in various countries, and their idea is that these countries are the homeland of white people of ‘European descendants’ and that ‘immigrants’ have been replacing them which is unjust towards them in terms of the livelihood opportunities, resources and education facilities available to them in their country.

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