Twitter brings its Lists feature to Android, earlier was on iOS

Twitter has long had the list feature for its iOS users. But for some reason, the same was not available on Android. Now, the social media platform is bringing the same functionality for its Android user base also. Twitter is all set to update its app and give its users the option to keep up to 5 lists as an alternative timeline.

The five lists that would be allowed to be shown as the alternate timeline would now be displayed in the main home section of the application itself. This week, the app will be getting a major transformation. The list feature has always been more of a buried function. There is no doubt that the new update was required for quite a long time, more so since the updates got featured for the iOS user base of the platform.

The easiest way to access the lists is to have them all together on the home section. And now that those have been finally put there, it should be a welcome move. Now, as a regular Twitter user, you would be able to curate a list of accounts that you like or find popular in the case of particular topics. The lists come in very handy when you do not want to follow all of them all along.

Thus, it lets you view the content of those accounts without forcing you to follow the accounts so to reap the benefits. The column-based interface for Twitter which goes by the name of TweetDeck, has been putting up lists first and now it is bigger and better. Now, you will have your lists prioritized in a vertical timeline which shall be easily displayed. These timelines will be easy to access, no matter what.

Among the other updates, the newest features also give way to the linking of threaded replies on the iOS, which aptly smoothes out the way the regular tweets and after that the replies to them do have a clear distinction in the app. This demarcation between a standard tweet and the replies on it is a pretty nice move. It shall be making the functionality more convenient for the users of the app and the social media platform in general.

These lists need not be there as a secondary feature. You can include them naturally in the way you hover through the app. You can easily build themed timelines around people be it fan clubs of a given music band or the cheering fans of a specific sports team. That shall be very handy as you do not may or may not want to follow them or these pages on the main timeline.

These go by the name of customizable timelines and are in trend since September of the previous year. So, it was only natural (in fact, rather delayed) to incorporate it in Android as well. It would allow us to easily swipe between different groups of accounts and all that without hassles from the main screen only.

Image Source: MacRumors

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