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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey calls upon Banning President Trump on Chat with Desus & Mero.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey calls upon banning President Trump on chat with Desus & Mero.

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was spotted chatting with comedian and TV Show hosts Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, this Wednesday. The three of them were seen talking about various topics like how the company is dealing with all the fake news surrounding the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. They also discussed if users will get the update that they have been requesting for a long time which is the feature to be able to edit their tweets.

This live show was hosted on the same day when the Twitter Company announced that they would be removing all kinds of posts that may incite hatred amongst people and also cause them to destroy ‘critical infrastructure’. It came to light when some of the people started sharing misinformation about 5G towers being the reason behind the spread of the coronavirus. Many people took to the streets to burn down the towers and create chaos unnecessarily in the name of COVID-19.

But recently, Twitter and other social media companies have been receiving a lot of backlashes that the media companies are not handling the spread of fake news appropriately, and are not doing enough to pull down such misinformation. Twitter also faced a lot of criticisms for allowing posts by President Donald Trump to remain visible that were aimed at instigating people to come out on the streets and violate the norms of social distancing.

In the live video, the CEO came up with three takeaways. The first takeaway is all about the edit button that has been requested by the twitter users for a very long time. Users have always faced an issue in posting their tweet after there has been a lot of typos and then not being able to correct it. The company being questioned about it said that the idea is not completely off the table and the company is thinking of implementing soon, but not in the present. 

The CEO of Twitter also addressed some concerns related to the edit button. For example, he mentioned if a person has tweeted a message, and it gets retweeted by many of his followers. And the person later changes the tweet. It will change the meaning of the message and also may cause some issue in the retweets that have been done.

A solution provided by the company is that they will be providing a 30-second window to every user after they have posted their tweet so that they can review it and edit it in case there exists some typo.

Another takeaway from the live video was that Dorsey has pledged to donate $1 Billion to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. He also teamed up with Singer Rihanna to set up a $4.2 million grant program aimed at helping the victims of domestic violence. 

The last takeaway was that Twitter does not wish to be the ‘arbiter of truth’ and are on the verge of banning Donald Trump for a month for spreading misinformation.

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