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Twitter Claims to Make Better Live Video Quality

Twitter Claims to Make Better Live Video Quality

On Tuesday, Twitter posted a tweet that says, “As of today, we’re removing the option to invite guests when you go live so that we can improve your video broadcast quality. Your viewers can still interact with you through chats and hearts.” This small change in its feature will surely impact some of the users who live stream their videos. The company claims to remove its video live-stream guest option to improve the video quality content. 

Before live streaming, the former function enabled users to welcome audio-only guests even before broadcasting their live video. This feature was introduced in March 2020, which then posted a video and tweeted, “Broadcast live with a little help from your friends, no matter where they are. Now you can send invites to guests before you start your video! Tap the compose icon, then the camera icon. Select “Live,” tap “Invite guests,” and choose your guests. Hit the “Go Live” button.”

But now, during live streaming, only the users and others visible on the frame can appear in the broadcast. But to relief, other users can interact in the chat box or tap to add a heart. The Twitter account active users are not happy with removing the feature as it reduces the number of people connecting in the live video. At the same time, some users are hopeful that Twitter will come up with better video quality. But it is also worth mentioning that Twitter does offer a similar function of shared live audio. This could also be the reason for its elimination.

The counterparts’ applications of Twitter such as Zoom, Facebook, and Instagram offer a feature of inviting audio and video guests with Skyrocket, a real-time conference platform, allowing numerous video participants to join at the same time. The users widely use these, especially during a pandemic when live meetings, classes, and calls are prevalent. This means the people have a plethora of other live platform options with full audio and video quality connectivity. As a result, they do not rely much on Twitter’s invite guest option. Being not much popular among its users, the company now focuses on improving the video quality.

In the last September month, Twitter posted a video on its platform, announcing that the newer videos would be less pixelated. But many users were unhappy because they could experience any change in the quality. So hopefully, this time, the company will try to satisfy the users with its claim of upgrading the video quality content. But at the same time, it is not much of a change as people can still use Twitter spaces to fill the gap if they want to invite the audio guests or stream on other multiple live streaming platforms.

Image source: TheVerge

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