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Twitter Extends the Functionality of Flagging Misleading Tweets, Alerts those who ‘Like’ such Tweets

Twitter extends the functionality of flagging misleading tweets, alerts those who ‘like’ such tweets

A few months ago, Twitter had started marking those tweets specifically that contained incorrect information related to the 2020 Presidential Elections. The feature persists on the platform, and anyone posting or quoting any deceptive tweets would be notified or warned upon. 

Now, in what can be stated as an extension of this feature, Twitter would be giving an alert notification to those users who would be going ahead and liking those tweets containing incorrect content or deceptive tweets. 

How does this work? Whenever any user goes on to tap the ‘heart’ symbol situated beside a tweet that has been marked as a misleading one, a popup window comes out containing a text stating, “This is disputed.” Furthermore, a button titled ‘Find out more’ is also present below. Clicking on this button would probably result in the user explaining why the tweet is quoted to be misleading and why not to like the same.

The support team of Twitter also came out and posted an explanation of why this feature was being implemented. According to the social media platform, the feature of flagging misleading tweets brought down incorrect information on the platform by almost 29%. Thus, the social networking platform decided to further extend this feature and shoot a warning whenever anyone attempted to ‘like’ any tweet containing absurd and invalid information.

This extended functionality happened to be discovered by Jane Manchun Wong during the beginning of this month, around the elections. Wong is into researching and exploring deep into these kinds of features within an app. The tweets explored by Wong were mostly in connection to the elections and their results. Wong attempted to like one such tweet, which contained incorrect content, and she got a popup with the following message: “Official sources may not have called the race when this was tweeted.”

Post a week after the elections. The social media giant claimed that it had recognized and marked approximately 300,000 tweets to be spurious or misleading. Most of these tweets were posted from the time range of October 27th to November 11th, around the election time. Amongst these tweets, Twitter chose to stop about 465 of them such that no one could retweet or like them. The platform shadowed these tweets, and anyone is trying to access or like an alert notification greeted these tweets. 

For instance, whenever any user attempted to ‘retweet’ a particular tweet, Twitter has updated the functionality such that the tweet cannot be posted immediately on the followers’ timeline. Rather, the user witnesses a popup wherein he would have a chance to edit the tweet and then post the same to others. The user can also choose not to edit the original tweet and retweet it as it is. 

Twitter hopes that incorrect and misleading reports would stay away from the platform with these kinds of measures in place.

The Verge has reported that Twitter’s extended feature of tackling deceptive tweets is slowly coming over to its web application. Even iOS users would be able to witness and explore this functionality. However, it could be a little wait for Android users here as this functionality might take a few weeks to step into Android.

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