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Twitter helps users to establish linkage between old and new tweets with “Continue thread” feature

Twitter introduces a mechanism to link new tweets with old ones

Twitter surely does not leave any stones unturned when it comes to providing useful features to all the users of its platform. Well, there is another new feature added now. On Wednesday afternoon, Twitter made an announcement that it would be introducing the “Continue thread” functionality. Now how does this feature help? It would help users in connecting their latest tweets with the already existing ones. If a user wishes to post anything with reference to an earlier tweet, he can do so now by using this feature.

Now, whenever a user plans on posting a tweet, he can actually slide up and roll all the previous tweets that he had posted to date. On accessing any of the older tweets, one can view the “Continue thread” option present on a button. Now, clicking on this “Continue thread” option would link the old and new tweets.

How can one make use of this “Continue thread” option?

To establish connectivity between old and new tweets, one needs to follow the below mentioned process:

  1. Access the “Compose” icon.
  2. Add a new tweet along with the required content. 
  3. Once the new tweet is composed, tap on the “Continue thread” button. 
  4. Pull down the list of all the old tweets.
  5. Select the tweet which is required to be linked to the latest tweet.
  6. Now with these steps, old and new tweets would be connected.

A short video describing the above sequence of events has been uploaded on Twitter. The video was being captioned as “Now you can add a Tweet to the one you already Tweeted, faster!” By looking at the video, it is possible for any user to comprehend how this functionality would go about. Needless to say, Twitter has made it extremely simple now for users to add anything extra, if at all, to any of their original tweets.

The usefulness of this feature

Now, the ability to connect old and new tweets would definitely save a considerable amount of time, especially if one has to reply to something with reference to an old tweet. Also, in case anybody wishes to provide any sort of additional information to any previous tweet, they can add the required content and then link both of them together.

Without any doubts here, Twitter has invented a unique way of linking old and new tweets as well as in creating tweetstorms. Prior to this, Twitter had introduced a feature to link multiple tweets simultaneously while composing a new tweet. However, this kind of feature has been launched for the first time. 

Other features and updates

A recent update on Twitter has caused a sort of a borked interface. There are many iOS users who have been facing this issue, and they have been complaining. It is recommended that Twitter users should refrain from updating their app on their iOS devices until a resolution has been found for this issue. 

The Twitter app, along with this latest feature is available on the App Store for iOS users. If users do not get to see this update immediately, then no issues. It is advised that the app be checked throughout the week and verify whether the updates are being reflected.

Image Source: 9to5Mac

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