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Twitter is now into podcasts by teaming with Breaker app

Breaker app team to join Twitter and help in the expansion of its live audio chat 'Spaces'

Back in December, reports revealed that Twitter had started exploring and digging deeper into its newly featured live audio functionality called Spaces. The idea behind incorporating such a feature within the platform was to enable a voice interaction between a user and his/her followers. The person or the host who creates a ‘Space’ or an audio chat room can speak, while others joining the same chat room can get to hear the conversation.

Now, the next we hear is that the social media platform has taken over Breaker, a social podcast app whose primary goal is to focus on socializing. Michael Montano, who leads the engineering section within Twitter, feels that the team’s involvement from Breaker would go a long way and help them “improve the health of the public conversation” of the ‘Spaces’ feature. 

The Breaker app is all set to bid goodbye 15 Jan onwards as the Breaker team would be joining Twitter for enhancing the Spaces feature. Till then, users have been given the time so that they can transport their OPML file list having their subscriptions to an alternate app. Breaker recommends its users to opt for Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket Casts, or Castro as an alternate app.

The Breaker team has notified everyone of this latest development via a blog that it has put up on its company’s website and is equally excited at the thought of developing a collaboration with Twitter. Leah Culver, the co-founder of Breaker, went on to tweet, “I’m so excited to help create the future of audio conversations.” Breaker CEO Erik Berlin went on to say, “Here at Breaker, we’re truly passionate about audio communication, and we’re inspired by the ways Twitter is facilitating public conversations for people around the world. We’re impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit at Twitter and enthusiastic about the new experiences that the team is creating.”

Breaker came into existence back in 2016. Both Berlin and Culver have been running the company since then. When the Breaker app arrived, people had very little knowledge regarding the features of a podcast app. Users felt that these apps are just equivalent to audio feeds. With the arrival of the Breaker app, people have realized that a podcast app can do lots.

Culver would be joining Twitter to work on enhancing the Twitter Spaces. This feature underwent beta testing during December. However, so far, not many people have been exposed to Spaces as it is still undergoing testing. Twitter intends to improvise the technical glitches and issues that are arising from the feature. At the same time, it is also trying to address those problems that are coming forth when the live audio session is in progress. The complexity of these issues are higher, and Twitter wants to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Once the Twitter Spaces feature is completely enhanced and out, it would give a tough competition to the Clubhouse app. The ideology of Spaces and Clubhouse is quite similar. The Clubhouse app allows people to get along together in many virtual audio rooms where they can discuss any topic that interests them, all in real-time. While the Clubhouse app is out and attracting many users, the Twitter Spaces app looks like it may take a while to be out. 

So far, nothing has been mentioned on the kind of technology that would be built within Spaces. However, it looks like the Breaker and the Twitter team would get along and rock this one.

Image source: Engadget

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