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Twitter Labeled Donald Trump’s Tweet for Glorifying Violence

Twitter labeled Donald Trump’s tweet for glorifying violence

Twitter marked Donald Trump’s tweet for glorifying violence. His tweet mentioned the situation of distress going on in Minneapolis. He said “I can’t stand back and watch this happen”, hinting that he may step in and take some sort of action, he also commented. Raising a question against the leadership skills of left Mayor Jacob Frey saying “get his act together and bring the city under control, or I will send in the national guard and get the job done right.”

Twitter put out a public notice on this tweet, which makes it harder to access if not accessible. The public notice states, “This tweet violated the twitter rules about glorifying violence,” in addition to this. The notice also says, “Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible.”

The tweet spoke about the current situations in Minneapolis. The circumstances in Minneapolis are that of angry demonstrations. All of this is a consequence of the death of a black man, George Floyd, by a white police officer. The tweet can still be accessed. Twitter considered it better to leave the tweet accessible, although it can only be accessed by clicking on the public notice. Interaction on this tweet is strictly limited. 

It can only be retweeted with a comment, and you can not like, comment, or vanilla retweet this tweet. This week, Trump’s vote-by-mail tweet was labeled for fact-check by twitter, saying that it was misleading for the users. The information in the tweet was up-to most extents, not true.

Twitter is not paying much attention to Trump being upset about this ordeal. The president, although, seems to be troubled by these labels being put on his tweets. He said that social media quiets down conservative thoughts and ideas. Although this is specifically not true for ad-based companies that have controversial content and posts that boost conservative ideas and views and bring them out, Trump may be looking to take some kind of legal action against such social media platforms. 

The president added to his tweet about Minneapolis, saying that these thugs were disrespecting the memory of George Floyd. Donald Trump also added that he had a word with the governor, Tim Walz, about this and assured him that he had full support from the military. He cautioned the ‘thugs’ saying, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” meaning strict actions may be taken against the citizens who are creating violent scenes across the city. 

Twitter has time and again dealt with situations where people in leading positions across the globe have used the platform to post content that violates its policies. Donald Trump is known for using the platform to openly call out, threaten, and criticize people, opposition parties, other countries, and even movie stars. He has repeatedly violated some of twitter’s basic policies, thus leading to action being taken against his posts.

Twitter guarded its decisions of not deleting most of Trump’s controversial tweets because his tweets are newsworthy, and thus the public has a right to access news. Last year twitter brought out a ‘public interest’ policy, which allows it to step in when it comes to making decisions regarding tweets about such disputed topics. After this policy, twitter has started marking controversial tweets; for example, it put a fact-check label on Trump’s tweet at the beginning of this week. 

Twitter clarified that their recent action on Trump’s tweet had been taken to make sure that the tweet does not inspire others to take violent actions against certain people or groups. Twitter’s policies state that no tweet that violates the public interest policy will not be showcased. It won’t gain from the algorithms of twitter, meaning that the tweet will not be promoted or put into trending lists by twitter even though people are checking it out.

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