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Twitter about to remove tweets that dehumanize religious groups

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Twitter has recently announced that it would remove, let’s say ban, all the tweets that in any way dehumanize the sentiments of people based on their religion and caste. The announcement was done on Tuesday and have been in effect from the next day onwards. The decision has been made so as to change the latest hate speech that has caused a lot of problems on other social networking sites as well. 

The new update of Twitter would be protecting the policies of the app that forbid the promotion of violence, threats, and harassment against any person based on their caste and religion. Though most of the tweets, which are considered violent for some, might appear absolutely normal for others. To forbid the tweets which use language that promotes dehumanizing and hurting the religious sentiments of other people is a major step taken by the company.

The all-new policy has clearly stated the kind of language that would not be tolerated by the company and the tweets would be removed and action would be taken on the user. Using “rats”, “viruses” or any such comments on people based on their religion, would be considered as dehumanizing and the tweet would be immediately removed.

“We create our own rules to keep people safe on Twitter, and they continuously evolve to reflect the realities of the world we operate within. Our primary focus is on addressing the risks of offline harm, and research shows that dehumanizing language increases that risk.” wrote Twitter’s safety team in a blog post.

Twitter always tried to minimize online bullying and harassment by taking several measures. In the update of last month, Twitter had added a feature which would notify the users if any political figure has tweeted anything that has violated the policies of the company. The violated tweet from the political figure will be in a grey box which would notify the user that the tweet has some unapproved content and the users can still click on the box to view the tweet.

Before the announcement of the new rule, Twitter had put out a call for people to help the company in rewriting its dehumanization policies, specifically stating for the “identifiable groups”. After that, the company had over thousands of tweets in support of the proposal and also that “identifiable groups” states a broad group and that only the smaller groups should be defined in the category, which currently made Twitter test out the new policy regarding the ban.

The app won’t be removing the posts on its own rather it allows the users to report the tweet if they find it to be violating the policies. After the tweet has been reported, it would be verified by the company first and if found to be true, would be removed from the platform. Through this, the user would have the right to report anything unusual or inappropriate and also the company would have the power to take action on the users violating the policies of the company.

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