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Twitter suspends Zero Hedge account for targeting Chinese scientist

Zero Hedge’s Twitter handle deleted for accusing Chinese scientist

Well-known “markets-oriented” blog Zero Hedge’s Twitter account has apparently been suspended by the concerned officials on the platform. The main reason-they had targeted a Chinese scientist accusing him of creating the strain of coronavirus that is currently creating havoc across the entire world. Twitter considers this sort of activity as a serious violation of its rules and hence suspended the blog’s Twitter handle with immediate effect.

It all started on Wednesday when Zero Hedge posted a blog wherein it accused a Chinese scientist of creating the coronavirus strain. It has come to notice that Zero Hedge had stated many points in the blog pointing out accusations without any solid-proof. The blog contains a name, a photograph, an email address, and a phone number, all of which are apparently linked to the scientist. It even went on to state in the blog that readers can pay a visit to the scientist in question if they were seeking any sort of information related to the coronavirus.

As soon as the details of the blog came to the notice of the Twitter officials, they suspended the account of the market focused blog immediately as Twitter is known not to tolerate any such kind of behavior on its platform. On account of Zero Hedge’s Twitter account getting scrapped permanently, the information available on the page also got completely erased. Therefore, it is not fully known as to what were the exact words that were used in the blog, which prompted the concerned Twitter officials to take such kind of a drastic step.

Apart from this, there is not a single trace of Zero Hedge’s blog link or any other information pertaining to the Chinese scientist. All these steps have been taken to avoid the spread of any kind of unnecessary information.

Twitter is reported to have stated via a blog post that it is intolerable to this kind of activity on its platform. In fact, it would target any user who is found to spread any kind of wrong information surrounding the coronavirus.

Zero Hedge got a lot of attention post the 2008 financial crisis when it regularly shared downside views related to important world news. A writer who was previously associated with Zero Hedge has even stated that he was regularly asked to bring up issues that had a pro-Russian viewpoint.

Twitter so far has not commented on whether it would be removing all the tweets related to the Zero Hedge blog targetting the said scientist. In case the tweets are not cleaned, then there could be a further spread of fake information regarding this viral outbreak. Buzzfeed News reports that prior to Twitter deleting Zero Hedge’s account, it had approximately 6,70,000 followers on the platform.

Facebook and Instagram, too, have vowed to remove any sort of incorrect information related to the coronavirus circulating on their platforms.

Coronavirus outbreak has gripped the entire world in fear. The virus was first reported to have originated in China. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the coronavirus to be a global public health emergency. In fact, US President Donald Trump has stopped foreign nations who have visited China in the past two weeks from entering the country.

Image Source: Yahoo Finance

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