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Twitter to retain Musk’s immature Tweet regarding Coronavirus

Twitter to retain Musk’s immature tweet regarding coronavirus

Twitter has refused to erase a tweet posted by the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. The technology entrepreneur has posted a tweet saying that kids are not very much prone to the COVID-19 virus, which is resulting in the novel Coronavirus disease. The tweet from Musk was disregarded by many, as early studies and research have proven that kids too can contract the virus, and some of them could even become seriously ill.

Musk posted the tweet somewhere around 5:55 PM ET on Thursday. The tweet was an answer to something that was asked by a user with a display name as “Hopeful Pope of Muskanity.”

Musk had posted the following tweet “Kids are essentially immune, but elderly with existing conditions are vulnerable. Family gatherings with close contact between kids & grandparents are probably most risky.”

Earlier this week, Twitter had stated that it would be joining hands with Facebook and other social media to curb any fake and incorrect information regarding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Going by the facts so far and as per experts, it does seem like older adults and that too those with prior health issues are contracting the infection pretty fast. People who fall within this category seem to be at high risk.

The tweet posted by Musk seemed to contradict the guidelines of Twitter wherein the social media platform had stated that it would be moderating all content related to Coronavirus on its platform. Twitter has posted a blog earlier this week in which it had stated that it would be increasing the scope of its definition of harm by tackling that content, which contradicts the guidance provided by the authoritative sources of global and local public health information.

The organization also went on to give the following example: “Denial of established scientific facts about transmission during the incubation period or transmission guidance from global and local health authorities, such as “COVID-19 does not infect children because we haven’t seen any cases of children being sick.”


Although going by the statistics, it does seem that people of the younger age group are not very severely affected by COVID-19, some studies do state that the virus could cause some major health issues in some kids, especially infants. 

However, Twitter feels that the tweet posted by Musk does not have any misinformation. With regards to the same, the company made a statement saying that “When reviewing the overall context and conclusion of the Tweet, it does not break our rules. We’ll continue to consult with trusted partners such as health authorities to identify the most harmful content.”

Musk has repeatedly been making some unwanted comments throughout March about the Coronavirus pandemic. He stated that all the panic and hype surrounding the COVID-19 virus was dumb. Furthermore, he had made a comparison of the COVID-19 virus to car crashes. He intended to say that the virus is similar to a car crash-it is not contagious and does not spread virally. Musk had made all these remarks in an email to the employees of SpaceX.

Shortly after Musk posted his tweet, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, gave orders that all the 40 million residents of the city need to stay put at their houses until further notice. People were told to step out of their homes only for essential purposes like buying food. It could prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 virus. About 25 million people in California are likely to be infected with the virus in eight weeks. 

Sometime earlier this month, Twitter had deleted tweets made by John McAfee, David Clarke, and many others. Twitter stated that it was doing all this as a part of a zero-tolerance approach to platform manipulation. It also stated that it would nullify any abuse that was being done during this critical phase.

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