Twitter web app users might soon be able to schedule their tweets

Pretty soon, Twitter users may be able to schedule their tweets. For now, this functionality may be available only to those people who access Twitter through desktops. The feature might be introduced to its mobile app users also; however, Twitter is yet to make any statement regarding the same.

Presently, this functionality is under the experimental phase only, meaning, Twitter is testing on how this can be done. Thus, for now, the scope of this feature has been limited to a few users only. If this works out well, then Twitter plans to extend this feature to a much broader bandwidth of users.

Once this is successful, Twitterati would no longer have to rely on any third-party application to schedule their tweets. Earlier, Twitter users were dependent on an application called TweetDeck, which helped them to schedule their tweets. Now, with the tweet scheduling functionality coming to the Twitter platform itself, users can plan to post their tweets for a particular date and time. The tweets would be posted exactly on the date as selected by the user.

How can a Twitter user schedule his tweets for a future date? Well, the user would have to click on the three dots present at the bottom of the webpage. Then he would have to select an appropriate date and time on which his tweets should be published.

Even Facebook has this facility of publishing posts for a later date. The user can decide the date and accordingly publish a post.

Twitter confirmed this latest update through a tweet. The tweet read as follows: “Tweet scheduling on Yes please! Starting today, we’re experimenting with bringing one of @TweetDeck’s handiest time-saving features into Twitter. Tell us what you think if you’re part of the experiment.”

The tweet clearly states that they are still experimenting with this feature. Also, they are open to suggestions from people who are experimenting on this with regards on how the functionality is or is expected to work.

At present, this functionality is being implemented only for the Twitter web page. Twitter may plan to implement this for its mobile application too; however, so far, there is no clarity regarding the same. As of now, Twitter has not yet confirmed whether this feature would be available for iPhone, iPad or Mac users.

With Twitter itself developing a tweet scheduling feature, people are left to wonder on what would be the fate of TweetDeck now, post-implementation of this new feature. There are certain rumours going around that the company might be migrating all of TweetDeck’s features into its main app and then finally shutting it down altogether. However, Twitter has not said anything regarding the same.

Recently, a feature was introduced by Twitter that enabled users to follow topics of their choice in a similar manner as to how they follow their accounts. This new “Topic” option includes a wide variety of topics ranging from sports, Bollywood, K-pop and many more.

Let us hope that this new functionality of Twitter works out in the best of interests of everyone.

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