Twitter confirmed that it used phone numbers and e-mail ids of users for the ads

Twitter admits using its users phone numbers to target ads image

Recently, Twitter has confirmed that it had used the phone numbers and email addresses of the users in order to serve ads. Though it was done unintentionally, many users were affected by this. The numbers and email addresses were taken for the two-factor authentication in order to ensure that the accounts of the users were safe from the hackers.

However, when the marketing lists from the advertisers were found to have the numbers and email addresses of the users from Twitter, those who had provided the information for the two-factor authentication, users were shocked. The users had reported the issue on the 17th of September and Twitter immediately posted an apology and is trying to solve the problem.

“We cannot say with certainty how many people were impacted by this. We’re very sorry this happened and are taking steps to make sure we don’t make a mistake like this again” said the tweet posted by the official website. This is not the first time that users are facing privacy issues on social media websites. Last year, Facebook had faced a lot of controversies regarding the misuse of personal data of the users and contradicting the privacy policy of the company.

Though Twitter had stated that no personal data were shared with the third-party, there are still many areas that the company has to cover to make sure that everything has been made alright. Apart from that, Twitter had also faced the wrath of hackers when last month the account of Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, was hacked by a group of hackers and several tweets regarding racial bias and religion controversies were made from the account. Twitter had immediately shut down the account and the tweets were also removed but it clearly had bruised the privacy and security policy of the company.

As per the latest news, though the company had not shared the email address and phone numbers intentionally but many users must have faced certain difficulties regarding this. Twitter should have taken certain precautions while taking the number and mail addresses so that the information would not be passed on to any of the outside party or even to the third-party partners of the company. Though the information was taken for two-factor authentication in order to secure the accounts, it came out to be something else. This incident is surely going to lose Twitter its users if it is not fixed soon.

Not only Twitter, but many other social websites have also been accused of using the personal data of the users for other purposes for which an investigation has been set up by several states. The anti-trust investigation is being conducted upon Google for now, which would later be made on Facebook, Amazon and other accused social websites. Google has been said to submit the documents and explanations regarding what the company has done to the personal information of the users since 2014. We are not sure who else is on the list of the investigation, but there might be a slight chance that Twitter might face something similar due to the latest incident.

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