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U.S. Law Enforcement Worries China Could be Spying Using DJI Drones

U.S. Law enforcement worries China could be spying using DJI drones

The United States law enforcement is worried that China is taking help from its multi-national drone companies to spy on other states. The leaders have expressed their concerns regarding the same in South Carolina and the United States. Two top leaders were concerned about the drones that the Chinese company has donated.

The issue is not the latest one. It was the Law Enforcement Training Council’s meeting just the previous month when state Attorney General Alan Wilson and State Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel could be seen concerned over the donated drones from the Chinese company DJI also known as Da Jiang Innovations that is based in Shenzhen. China happens to be a top drone manufacturer technology company which has its operations globally. 

As per a statement from this drone maker, the company had donated 100 drones to 44 police and fire agencies across the U.S. These were all those state offices that were keen to use drones to manage the current coronavirus pandemic. Also, as per DJI, 6 of the 100 drones have been donated to South Carolina agencies.

The minutes from that meeting held last month are out. Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel and state Attorney General Alan Wilson stated that they were skeptical about the donated drones and the Chinese company who donated those to police agencies. They further argued that agencies in South Carolina must decline to use the drones of DJI over concerns that privacy could be compromised.

That the two voices in the meeting seemed to ask the agencies to maintain distance from such company tactics holds valid in their statement when it was agreed, “All information recorded by these drones would be reported to China”. Attorney General Wilson stated expressed his ardent desire and interest in knowing which sheriff agencies in South Carolina had received those donated drones from the Chinese company.

It was important to clear the terms and be acquainted with the safety and privacy concerns that the drones posed. This way, a conversation could be held with regard to the fresh concerns arising out of the said donation. Jarrod Bruder, director of the state Sheriffs Association, said that he had received some piece of information about a number of agencies that already make use of the donated DJI drones.

He further pointed out that the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office had been one such agency which was given a DJI drone for better surveillance operations during the pandemic. The executive director of the South Carolina Police Chiefs’ Association, Ryan Alphin, said that despite him making inquiries, it has not been clear which police offices have them.

A spokesperson for Alan Wilson, Robert Kittle, said that there was a communist government that was notorious for its long history of cheating, covering up, lying, and trying to hurt the United States. The same is now distributing free drones to Law Enforcement agencies. Robert Kittle stated, “It is pretty self-explanatory.”

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