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Can Foodie experiences be sold? Seems true; Uber is now testing to sell via Uber Eats

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Online business has spared none; it had made possible what one couldn’t have thought! None would have imagined delivery of food through online platforms such as Swiggy followed by Zomato, Foodpanda and Uber Eats etc. But selling Cooking classes on an online platform along with multi-course dining experience sure is something out of the box which has been initiated by none other than Uber Eats, an online food delivery platform.

On Friday, the company announced, this new initiative called Uber Moments which will allow the customers to learn multi-culinary courses and dishes through the app directly with just at a click and of course, it’s a paid service, cause there’s nothing in this world as “free lunch”.

Uber moments is a limited period trial offered by the company, which will let the customers’ book classes as per their desired culinary courses. The biggest benefit of this feature is that the customers who wish to quench their hobbies and want to learn exotic culinary courses can avail this option directly through the app, without any hassle. It even avoids running queries and reviews from various people just to know some good classes of such courses and ending with the food that doesn’t fit up to your taste.

This option was confirmed when an email was sent to San Francisco customers, stating that they can avail the ‘Uber Moments’ service directly through the app for the next month till November 17, 2019. The present Uber Moments service allows the customer to book a Chinese culinary class on Dumplings for $75 and a Nigerian five-course culinary class for $55.

“We are always thinking about new ways to enhance the Eats experience,” says an Uber Spoke person when asked about the initiative of Moments.


While being an online food delivery platform, Moments may be a new initiative on Uber’s part, but on a global platform it’s not as this new service may prove to be a new source of more sales for the company being termed as ‘Branded’ but also a new front of cut-throat competition for the same.

To be more precise, there are a lot of such companies which allow you to book services like Cooking classes, trips, coaching classes, and travel, etc. With just a click through their official app or website. For example Airbnb, an online community that allows to search and avail various kind of services that ranges from lodging, tourism travels and primarily homestay with just a click through its app or official website with you sitting on your couch comfortably. And has its reach or counts for more than 1000 cities and with more than 40,000 experiences are available on this online community platform on a global level.

And Uber’s one month, one city temporary trial is sure to face some really hard competition along with loads of criticisms as it is not confirmed yet whether the company would really roll out this service on a global platform. It is currently only limited to its home city, San Francisco, and limited to only food.

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