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Uber Eats unveils a new look for its food delivery drone

Uber Eats unveils its delivery drone new look image

Drone delivery concept was made long ago and has finally found implementation earlier this year. Uber Eats has declared that it would be making food deliveries through drone services, and we would be able to view this by the end of this year.

The design for the drone consists of 6 legs with rotating wings and has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The flying drones will now be able to make food delivery faster than before. There is a rivalry in every field, and we can expect rivals to crawl up soon in this field.

Amazon has already started drone delivery designs and has stated the purpose and how the drones will be used for delivering the products to the customer’s house. UPS has received its approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and is making more drones so as to deliver medicines and first aid help to hospitals and areas of emergencies.

According to the latest news, Uber has finally got permission for using drones by the Federal Aviation Administration and is currently allowed to deliver in San Diego. The battery power of the drone is limited to 8 minutes, which also includes loading and unloading. This means that the drone can only fly for a few distances until it finds the nearest drop off-center.

From the drop off center, an Uber Eats driver will receive the parcel and then deliver it to you. So, you will not see a drone at your doorstep with your food parcel but would receive the parcel much faster than before.

The speed limit of the drone is 30mph and will be at least 400 feet above the ground, according to the drone rules. Also, the drone can travel 18 miles without any parcel and 12 miles with a parcel. The drone can carry a meal for two people and consists of rotating wings, which are found in the Uber flying cars prototype. The presence of rotating wings ensures that the speed of the drone will be good.

The flying car prototype of Uber has already cleared the design acceptance phase and will be performing the test flights in 2020, and would be available for commercial use by 2023. The drone and the flying car come under the Uber Elevate category of the company and are making progress each day.

Uber is not the first company to try drones for delivering products. Alphabet and UPS have already received green signal for using drones for delivering purposes. Last week, we saw Alphabet trying out its first drones in Virginia, while UPS has gained access to use drones in a major number of cities.

Moreover, it is quite astonishing that we would be soon viewing flying cars and drones at our homes. Back in 2000, no one would have even though of this as a possibility, and now we are in the state of making this possible. This is the beginning of a new technology that influenced the future where technology would be used everywhere, even for daily chores.

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