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Uber makes commuters life easy by scheduling rides to the station

Uber to bring new feature Make My Train to schedule rides

Uber has become one of the most popular ride-hailing company in the US. Of late, the firm had noticed that many of its customers were peeking into the app late at night and entering a train station name in the destination field. By doing this, customers were trying to figure out the total time it would take for them to get to the station in the morning that would help them in catching their trains on time.

Of course, this entire procedure could be quite stressful for the customer considering the fact that he needs to plan and arrange for a cab ride according to the train timings. Now, Uber thought of reducing the headache of its customers. Therefore, it has come up with new functionality that would aid customers in chalking out their travel time and accordingly scheduling a ride to the station.

Uber has developed something called “Make My Train,” which it plans to roll out today. Two of the largest commuter rail systems in the US – the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) in New York and Caltrain in the San Francisco Bay Area would be involved along with this feature. It is estimated that about 300,000 people are dependent on LIRR, and about 60,000 of them use the Caltrain for commuting between different places. Amongst these people, an average of about 3000 of them used the Uber app during the previous month to schedule their rides to the station that can connect them with LIRR. Likewise, about 1500 people used the ride-hailing service to connect them to Caltrain

How does the “Make My Train” functionality work?

Whenever any user enters any train station in the destination field of the app, the user would be prompted to use the “Make My Train” feature. On selecting the feature, all the train schedules at that particular station would be projected to the user. The train details are projected to the user based on real-time transit data. The user is free to schedule an Uber ride according to the train timings. The ride can be scheduled depending on how early the user wishes to reach the station before the train departs.

To make it simple, the following steps have been listed out, which would be a great help in making use of “Make My Train” functionality. 

  1. The user needs to mention the name of the station in the destination field.
  2. Based on the station name, the list of trains along with their departure time are shown to the user.
  3. The user is prompted to select the train which he wishes to catch.
  4. Next, the user needs to enter the target drop-off time. In case of any issues or any sort of confusion in this regard, the user can check out the recommendations provided by Uber. These recommendations would be given, keeping in mind the traffic.
  5. Based on the drop-off time entered, the user can schedule a ride to the said station. However, one must remember not to select the option of UberPOOL. Accordingly, the user would be picked up from his pickup location and dropped off at the correct station.

The above feature can be considered as a step taken by Uber in trying to be cordial with public transportation. For many years, Uber has always been in some or the other news for being a threat to other means of public transport by picking up passengers from buses, trains, and subways. Owing to the decline in the bus and subway rides, the app-based ride-hailing services have increased tremendously in many cities of the US. By introducing this feature in its app, it hopes to overcome many criticisms it has faced in the past.

Image Source: The Verge

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