UK Might Start the Trial of E-Scooters on Public Roads by June 30th, 2020.

Amidst the uplifting of lockdowns across the world, countries have been looking for solutions to promote sustainable traveling while still maintaining social distancing. One of the best alternatives to public transports at this time is the electric scooters. The UK government has hinted that they might make it legal to ride around the cities on electric scooters. The news sources say that the first batch of electric scooters may be seen on the public roads by June 30th, 2020. According to the rules for this e-scooter trial batch, people will be able to rent these scooters to use them on public scooters. These scooters are way more sustainable than private vehicles as they are small, use electricity as fuel, and produce zero-emission. Although this decision came out way sooner than was expected, the government technically rushed its decision to bring these e-scooters on public roads.

As the nation has been slowly coming out of the quarantine period, the only way to save its people from the excessive spread of this virus is to follow precautions and maintain social distance. While social distancing can still be carried out in public places and gatherings by being mindful, public transports do not provide many options. Having people travel in trains, buses, taxis, and water taxis will automatically disrupt social distancing, and in such a scenario, scooters seem to be a good alternative. It will not only keep the people safe but will also pose as a step towards a more sustainable form of transport.

E-scooters also come with great benefits to the environment. It is promoting less fuel consumption, less emission, less pollution, and will also encourage people to use cars and motorcycles less often. The decrease in pollution will, in turn, allow the air to be fresher and thus result in people facing fewer breathing problems. It will also result in less traffic congestion on the roads. However, there are a few negative or contradictory points to this as well.

According to the government, the scooter will be available in all ‘local areas.’ Andy Street, Mayor of West Midland, added that they encourage citizens to leave their cars at home and use the new e-scooters to do their part in decreasing their negative impact on the climate. When we need to do anything and everything to prevent our climate from deteriorating even more, e-scooters are a great initiative.

Some basic rules around the usage of these scooters will have to be followed. The scooters cannot have a speed of more than 12.5mph. They cannot weigh more than 35kgs. Only e-scooters from certified trial companies will be allowed on roads and cycle lanes, e-scooters from other companies can still only be used on private lands. The driver must have a driving license and should be above 18 years of age. However, the scooters will not be permitted on pavements. These are just a few of the many criteria that the e-scooter companies and users will have to keep in mind.

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