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Unagi now has a Subscription Plan for its Stylish Scooters

Unagi now has a Subscription Plan for its Stylish Scooters

The use of electric scooters has gained momentum recently as other crowded modes of public transportation have been rendered useless by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many top-notch brands have been working to provide the best types of electric scooters for public use, and in the middle of this, Unagi is making the most stylish ones.

Unagi has only recently started providing electric scooters under a subscription service and has already become the one brand on the market, aesthetically pleasing scooters. The premise that they have been working on allows people to set themselves away from the regular scooters, whose designs are either bulky or you find them not in their best condition. 

Another aspect that Unagi highlights as a brand is they wish to eliminate the unreliability of renting a scooter, and induce the benefits of buying one. Their stylish scooters cost $990, and it is believed many would be willing to buy the product even at this prize. Celebrities like Billie Eilish and Chance the Rapper have endorsed the brand, which shows some good promise. 

Now that the world economy has taken a dip, the company has realized that people might not be as willing to shell out this amount. Many are still interested in using an electric scooter as their mode of transportation, but the willingness to spend the amount has gone down. That is why the company has come up with an alternative to buying one by going the traditional way but still offering what they do.

New York City and Lose Angeles will be the first two locations where Unagi all access will be launching their subscription service for $39 a month. It is a great deal of product-wise and service wise. Maintenance charges, theft insurance, and damage charges are all in there in the subscription charge already. Also, upon subscribing, the scooter will be delivered to the user’s doorstep within 24 hours. 

Unagi will be giving their one dual-motor electric two-wheelers to customers who purchase the subscription plan. The scooters are extremely lightweight, despite the addition of another motor to the design. Based on the three drive modes, the user can adjust the speed from 9-19 mph. the aluminum and carbon fiber construction add to its aesthetics.

A service charge will be added to the first month’s subscription, which will make the initial amount to be $89, and from there on, the charge would be $34. The $34 charge is only for users who will be buying the subscription for a year. 

If one were to compare the costs of the scooter per day, the math comes down to $1.40 a day, and in comparison, the usual electric scooter rides amount to $5. It makes $39 a feasible amount to pay, especially when you are looking at using them daily. Also, the ride is much nicer and better than your usual electric scooters, which are the USP of Unagi. 

A financing option has also been added by Unagi, which costs $45, but the subscription plan has been a better alternative, after looking at the response to it.

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