Unicorn customers are compensated with a free Unagi scooter or a full refund

Unicorn, a new electric scooter company had to suddenly shut down the company before even delivering the electric scooters to customers who pre-ordered it. The customer’s money which the company got from the pre-ordering was used for marketing itself. But, fortunately, the Unicorn was saved by Unagi which is also one of the most famous and a heavy competitor for Unicorn in this field. 

Last summer, the company Unicorn was started. The company sells electric scooters at a cheap and best price. And the company got more than 350 pre-orders from the people. But, Unicorn, unfortunately, couldn’t deliver the orders due to the lack of money. Unicorn says it spend all the money, including the one from the customers for marketing and many. So, there was no money for refunds. 

Fortunately, Unicorn was greatly saved by Unagi. Unagi is also a Chinese based electric scooter company which is a heavy competitor in this field. Unagi saved Unicorn from the situation, as the company Unicorn had to shut down as it has no more money for refunds. Unicorn ended up in heavy criticism by its customers as they paid the money but did not get the product. 

CEO of Unagi, David Hyman, said that he could give Unagi electric scooters to all of the people whoever has bought the Unicorn scooter as compensation. The deal is, of course, a great one. Each Unagi scooter costs nearly $1000, and the deal is indeed great; Because the Unicorn scooter costs between $350 to $500 or so. So, by paying just less amount getting a higher-priced product is so great. 

Also, the CEO of Unicorn, Nick Evans says that the deal is true and he added that for people who do not want the Unagi scooter and if they say that they want just their money back. They will indeed be given a full refund of the money they paid. 

Nick Evans said, “We put together a creative solution. I’ll be paying out of pocket personally to get this done, and it’s been pretty challenging, but I definitely want to do right by everyone.” Hyman also said that this deal would obviously end up in a loss of our money. But, as this Christmas season, this will be a good deed and make everyone happy. 

Actually, Unicorn was started last summer, it was seen as an affordable alternative to other scooters. Unicorn e-scooters were all white in color, and we can say it as a rebranded Segway ES2 scooter with high tech additional provided with it. The scooter uses Bluetooth to track items which had been lost like the wallet, phone and keys. Also, we need to note that the Unicorn scooters which are alike ES2 are costlier than ES2. 

Evan agreed that our scooters did not satisfy the user’s expectation. Evan said, “You’ve got to put out something really interesting. “He said that they’re scooters were not interesting at all. Evan said, “We started Unicorn to make people’s lives easier. “And added, “We absolutely did the opposite. “


Evan asks sorry for ruining the peoples holidays and said that he is, of course, a Grinch. Hyman said that Evan talked to him through LinkedIn and said that he wanted to talk something about the scooter business. Hyman then came to know that Unicorn was going to shut down soon. Hyman first thought about buying the domain name of Unicorn as he thought he could reroute their customers to Unagi website. But, later they came with another idea. 

That is, Evan wired some money into Hyman account, and the amount worth is it known. And both Evan and Hyman refused to disclose the amount. And then, they agreed on the deal, which is Unagi scooter for all the 350 customers or a full refund thing. Evan said, “I want to end up with people better off than if they’d got a Unicorn scooter.”

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