Unlock Bird Scooters just with a tap of a Button

A new feature has been introduced by Bird for its electric scooters and to make life easier for their users. As compared to the scan QR code system earlier, the company has now changed that with a Quickstart option. This new feature of the app uses Bluetooth to detect if a scooter is nearby and unlock it with just the tap of a button.

The idea behind adding the Quickstart option is to make riding easier for the users and help them get on and off as quickly. Combined with your phone’s Bluetooth technology, the new feature will result in a minimum delay while finding a scooter close to you.

Earlier, how unlocking a Bird scooter worked was finding one nearby and then reserving it. Users could also reserve the scooter 30 mins in advance. They could also hop on instantly by scanning the QR code on the scooter with the app and then hitting the throttle on the right to pull the brakes and start riding after.

Now, how it works is that users don’t have to go through the scanning process, rather they have to find a scooter nearby and tap a button on their phones. It will unlock the Bird instantly, and users can ride the very next moment.

Bird has also been testing the time taken by the user to get onto a scooter and has found that the scan QR code feature takes twice the time required to use the Quickstart feature. Potentially, you could tap on and get going right the next moment when you find the scooter.

Bluetooth connectivity is crucial to the design of the new add on. If there is a scooter close by, the app will show a start button, and if you are out of the Bluetooth range, then a reserve option will be shown instead. It becomes a quick way to find a scooter near you compared to the time it would have taken earlier.

The Quickstart feature is an addition to the many user-friendly updates that Bird has made to its app and working recently. All of them add up to making riding and connecting easier for the user. One of the very notable additions is the Warm-up mode, which reduces acceleration when you first jump onto the scooter. It has helped riders warm up to using scooters and ease them into riding after the break due to coronavirus.

The warm-up feature is meant to slow down the rider for a bit, but on the other hand, the Quickstart feature is meant to make things quicker for users. Riders can now unlock scooters quicker than ever. This feature is launched in many partner cities of Bird and will be coming to many others around the world in the coming weeks.

Image source: Enadget

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