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UPS becomes the first company to win FAA approval for its drone delivery services in the US

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The 27th of September, 2019, proved to be a lucky day for UPS. The company finally got the permit from the FAA for its drone delivery service. FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, is the company that gives permission for planes and it evaluates the drones on the same basis as well.

According to the sources, UPS got the Part 135 Standard Certification, which is the highest level of the permit provided. The certification allows the company to operate as many drones as they want, can carry up to 55 pounds of weight and can even fly at night without any interruption. The certification has given UPS the lead in the drone delivery business. Other companies that are in the race of the drone business are Amazon, Google, Uber Eats and Apple.

Till now UPS has only received the certification. Google’s parent company, Alphabet’s Wing, received Part 135 Single pilot air carrier certificates, earlier this year, allowing only a single Wing employee to operate the drones and not the whole institute. While having only a certain part of the certification, Alphabet has decided to use it only in Virginia till they receive the full permit.

For now, UPS can make drone deliveries, though one would not be able to benefit from this soon. UPS has decided to use the permit in delivery medicines and other medical facilities to WakeMed hospital campus, Raleigh, North Carolina. Maybe UPS would be expanding its drone delivery business in a year or two, but for now the company would be focusing on supplying medical facilities to the hospitals.

Though it has not been known as to how much time the company would be requiring to build a wide drone network to function all over the country. For now, FAA has stated that it is investigating more submissions for the Part 135 certificates in order to give permit for the unmanned aircraft system integration pilot program.

With the approval of the certification, UPS would have the benefit of making as many drones as possible without worrying if it would cause any problem. While UPS would be in the mission of producing more drones, Amazon, Google, Apple and Uber Eats would be on the race to receive the permit from the Federal Aviation Administration. With the drones flying, the time would come soon when people would be receiving the orders in their doorsteps through drones.

Drones can even help in creating security for the house, can be of a lot of use in the areas of emergencies where medical help is urgently required and planes cannot enter the area. Drones would prove to be life-saving in the last scenario stated above. In the case of a natural disaster, drones can be used in providing medical help and supplies to the victims and can even be the source of communication. The unmanned flying objects can even detect victims underneath and further provide the information which can save the lives of the people. With the UPS on its way for medical supplies to hospitals through drones, we can expect more things in the future.

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