Samsung washing machines blow up: Urgent recall issued on 6000+ units for customers safety

Recall issued on thousands of samsung washing machines image

Recently, there was a case of a Samsung washing machine blowing up to flames in Armadale on the 1st of October. The fire occurred due to the washing machine and soon a fire engine came to solve the situation. Though no one was hurt, Samsung quickly took steps in order to avoid any further cases.

For now, Samsung has declared that the customers having the top loader washing machine, should immediately check the serial number and the model number to make sure that the machine is not the one that should be returned. If it is so, the customers are advised to return the machine to the supplier, who would then dispose the machine. As the machine is having an internal fault which cannot be repaired, thus the customers would be getting a refund from the retailer who sold the product.

The model numbers marked for returning are SW75V9WIP, SW65V9WIP, SW70SPWIP, SW80SPWIP, WA85GWIP, and WA85FWWIP. The concerned models are the ones that were manufactured between 2010 and 2013 and according to reports, there are more than 6000 models manufactured with the above serial numbers.

According to sources, the washing machines have a fault in which the device allows condensation to affect an electrical conductor which further can cause a fire. For safety measures, Penny Lipscombe, the Commissioner for Consumer Protection states that the washing machines should be immediately disconnected from the power supply. The device has an unrepairable flaw, cannot be resold and is strictly advised to dispose it properly so that no more future fire would happen for the machine. Lipscombe has even stated that the machines should not be just dumped on the rubbish lump as it can be dangerous and may release harmful toxic gases.

The mistake in the manufacturing process of the washing machine by Samsung led to a huge loss for the people affected by the fire and also for the company. As the company would also be responsible for selling the units without checking for any flaw would even have to pay or the refund, though it is not sure. The customers who have the model should contact the concerned retailer and should have the bill as proof that the unit has been bought by that particular store, so as to make the refund process smoother. The Consumer Care department eve stated that the customers who have any queries or problems in the refund process, can directly contact the department through mail or they can even communicate through call at “1300 3040 54.” The department would get in touch with them within a day or two and would solve the problem.

Being a reputed company, Samsung has got achievements in the field of electronics. The mistake done by such company was not expected, a grave mistake which could have taken the lives of the people. For now, no such comments have been heard from Samsung, thus one cannot say what would the company further do or the loss did. For the customers, return the default product as soon as possible, as a precaution from any accidents.

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