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US Air Force Developed AI-Powered Drone which can Combat a Pilot Driven Jet

US Air Force Developed AI-powered drone which can combat a pilot driven jet

Ever since AI has come into the picture, all the countries are trying to benefit from the newly discovered technology. AI has a lot of perks if viewed from the perspective of a weapon. The very first perk is that in a bad situation when using an AI bot, there will never be any loss of human life. The US air force has brought out AI projects that are programmed to be used in combat or against enemies. In 2016, combat AI beat some air forces experts with topmost tactics.

After this amazing development, the researchers are now working on building an autonomous drone. This drone will be programmed to beat down a piloted aircraft in air combat potentially. This drone is expected to be ready by July 2021, and a combat showdown is awaited.

According to an article in the Air Force Magazine, the Air Force research laboratory has been working on such projects. The article says that the research laboratory has been developing an autonomous drone since 2018. The initial plan is to bring in machine learning technology into the less advanced versions like the F-16. The researchers have also planned to move on to newer models like the F-22 and F-35. The details of this project are relatively less clear. Given that this is a military project, we can not expect a lot of details anyway, since most military projects are rather secretive. 

The head of the Pentagon’s joint artificial intelligence center Lt.Gen.Jack Shanahan, mentioned in a video that the air force research laboratory has been pushing the limits of artificial intelligence with this new autonomous drone. He also added that they are quite sure that the drone will be able to beat the human competitor.

Shanahan also noted that not all autonomous types of machinery are success stories. Some reap the worst of outcomes. A piece of completely autonomous machinery loaded with weapons may be a dangerous technology if left with no supervision at all.

Even though the autonomous drone project reaches its desired output or not, it will still be a huge step towards incorporating AI-powered machinery into the forces. This project will also be noted down in the long list of AI and ML related projects that the air force has worked or been working on.

One of the most commendable projects that the air force has worked on is the Skyborg wingman drone project. The objective of this project was to build an AI-powered supportive system for pilots in the sky. The US military, as well as the air forces, are working non-stop to build AI-powered projects and also to include ML technologies is not just the maintenance departments but also the combat departments of the forces.

Image source: Engadget

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