US Marshals claim a data breach has leaked prisoner’s personal information

The US Marshals Services have exposed and bought out in light about a recent data breach that has resulted in exposing the confidential and personal information of former prisoners. Sources have also reported that all those who were affected by the breach were sent personal letters informing them of the breach.

On December 30, 2019, the US Marshals were notified by the Justice Department about a data breach that has affected a public-facing server and leaked information on former prisoners. The server was used to store confidential information on prisoners that are former and are still currently behind bars facing custody. The surfacing fact had a huge repercussion questioning the security system of the Departments and affecting the right of public privacy. 

The letter also had information that said the breach has resulted in leaking the addresses, Social Security Number along with the date of birth of the prisoners. The information, if in the wrong hands, can be used for identity fraud or any other criminal activities. However, the letter didn’t have any details on the numbers of the prisoners former or current that were affected, which assume that the number was high enough to be ruled out of the letter.

The US Marshals are charged as the law enforcement arm of the federal courts who are tasked for capturing criminals and fugitives and those who are served with federal arrest warrants. The US Marshals have reportedly arrested many criminals and most wanted in the last few years. They were astonishingly able to capture a huge number of 90,000 fugitives and served warrants for over 1, 05,000. Asking for more information regarding the case, the Justice Department adamantly refused to answer any request for comments through phone or email. 

It has been noted that it was the latest federal security lapse in recent weeks seen by the government. Thorough research bought out a few more cases that were actively reported regarding data breaches in the government security departments. A department of the Defense division, namely The Defense Information Systems Agency that is tasked with providing communications and high technology as a support division for the US Government that includes few high and senior officials, as well as the president, have reported a data breach that happened between May and July of the year 2019. 

The news of the data breach of The Defense Information Systems Agency made a huge impact on the government security division. The agency was informed of the theft of valued information on personal details of their employees that were regarded as confidential and important. If this wasn’t enough, breaking news last month informed a Small Business Administration company that faced a data breach of 8000 loan applicants. The company was responsible for giving out emergency loans for those that were hugely affected by the ongoing pandemic of COVID – 19. It was disappointing and sad that their data were exposed and might be used for fraud. 

The DISA or the Defense Information Systems Agency has several 8000 military contractors and staff working for them. A spokesperson from the DISA division recently confirmed the breach. Charles Prichard, the spokesperson of DISA, said, “The Defense Information Systems Agency has begun issuing letters to people whose personally identifiable information may have been compromised in a data breach on a system hosted by the agency,” said Prichard. “While there is no evidence to suggest that any of the potentially compromised PII was misused, DISA policy requires the agency to notify individuals whose personal data may have been compromised.” While confirming the news, he also added “DISA has conducted a thorough investigation of this incident and taken appropriate measures to secure the network,”

Sources have informed that the Justice Department has accused and charged four members from the Chinese Military division for the hacking and theft of data into Equifax. It is a credit rating agency that has reported a theft of 147 million reports on the credit of applicants. Prosecutors have assumed and attributed that the same hackers might be behind the surcharge of a data breach the US Government is facing. 

Image source: Techcrunch

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