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Huawei saved from the Ban for 30 days – but in future, we might miss Huawei Products

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While the U.S has already passed an order regarding the ban of supplies to the Chinese market, Huawei is somehow saved from the ban. The ban has been temporarily removed and has allowed the Chinese company to work with American business. The law was passed earlier this year but has been delayed so that Huawei would be able to find alternate options for itself. Once the delay is removed, Google won’t be able to support Huawei smartphones and neither would the company have access to Android. This temporary lift is going to be a tough one for the company to gain its popularity back and side by side find an alternative operating system or OS.

The recent Honor 20 series is probably going to be the last phones of the company which would be Google certified. The Honor K20 and K20 Pro are going to be the last Google certified phones of the company and they are having amazing features. Both phones have a similar appearance and only differ in storage capacity and battery power. In this temporary delay, Huawei would be able to buy American goods in order to support the existing devices and provide the required software updates. The ban has already put the company in a difficult position challenging its fame and even creating doubt among the customers who don’t want to take a risk by buying phones from a company with an unpredictable future.

According to the latest news, Huawei is currently working on Mate X, the foldable phone of the company and has invested a lot before the ban was issued. The Mate X is probably going to be released later this year and it is yet to be seen. Also, it might have a different OS for the phone as the lift would have been removed by then. With the breakdown of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Mate X is going to be the only option for the company to gain back its customers and provide the first foldable phone to the world. If this happens, then the company is surely going to be unbeatable just like before the law was passed.

While Mate X is the hope of the company to remove the ban and acquire its lost fame, the creators of the company are working out methods so as to create their own OS which would be introduced in the future handsets, as a safety precaution. There is a high chance that the Mate X series is not going to have the Android Operating system and it can be a problem for the company. Huawei has yet not given any statement or any comment regarding this matter. The ban is going to come in full power from August 19 and till then it is going to be a war for the company. Whether Huawei would be able to win this war or not, we would see but for now, we can hope that the company gets success and Mate X won’t be a failure like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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