New Dangerous Trend: Vacuum Challenge becomes Viral taking the Internet by Storm

Vacuum Challenge goes Viral Image

Latest Vacuum Challenge or Trash Bag Challenge has got great hype among Social Media that people are succumbing to. This #VacuumChallenge includes videos in which People sit with their legs close to the chest and fit into the trash bag. The bags will be sealed around the person’s body. It has an opening by which you can insert the hose of the vacuum cleaner. Once you flip the switch vacuum cleaner sucks all the air out of the bag.

People laugh out as it happens and it is really an unusual sensation. Usually, internet challenges attract teenagers who are looking to impress friends on Social Media.

A vacuum will be created inside the bag and it appears as a skintight bodysuit outside. It could cut off oxygen supply inside the bag and the risks are predominantly high. The Material then sticks to the body more tightly and at times it is tight enough that the person will fall over. All age groups of people are following this dangerous challenge.

Vacuum Sealed Plastic Blocking the airway is definitely a suffocation risk. But, the Vacuum Challenge can harm the body even if it is kept away from mouth and nose. That is why the countless videos of people going viral with their kids seem so infuriating.

Experts declared the challenge to be deadly and brain cells could die within 5 Minutes of reduced Oxygen Supply. Certain things like suffocation, drowning, and strangling can cause this situation and can result in memory loss, inattentiveness. The Recovery of the person depends on how long the brain is short of oxygen. The persons who are in an unconscious state for a short span of time can get speedy full-time recovery.

According to, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, it is the condition which occurs on lack of oxygen supply to the brain though there is adequate blood flow. Videos of the different challenges have been coming from years but this became viral in the year 2019.

Although, it is pointless and dumb there are videos of this challenge being viral all over the Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok. One of those is given below. This may appear funny but this could become potentially dangerous and leads to cerebral hypoxia. In fact, most of the videos involve two or more participants and it is not advisable trying out alone. Once, you are vacuum sealed inside the bag it is almost impossible to move your limbs and hard to escape.

This Fatal Challenge got inspired by the Vacuum Beds which are popular across the BDSM Community. Despite the fact that this challenge didn’t harm most of the people who attempted but at the same time it is also not risk-free.

Just like other Social Media Challenge, this also appears to be a dumb form of entertainment and how foolish the people attempting despite knowing the risk that comes with it. There is no such universe wherein the risks of Vacuum Challenge fetches you rewards particularly when you risk the safety of kids whom you need to take the utmost care.

Enjoy the videos but probably don’t try them at home as they involve high-risk factor in it.

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