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Valve’s Index VR production is also affected by Coronavirus

Valve hit by Coronavirus expects to have fewer units for sale

There is hardly a day when you do not come across some of the other news about the deadly novel Coronavirus. Be it new patients or the rising death toll or the declining economy; the virus has something or the other to make headlines about on a daily basis. The n-corona virus had originated from the Wuhan city of Hubei province in China, which is also the epicentre of the outbreak and has since then claimed more than 2250 lives in just mainland China.

While in the country, 77k cases have been confirmed, the regional and world economy- both are in bad shape due to the outbreak. Several companies are estimating a loss of net revenue due to delay in supplies, restricted supplies and lack of workers. Many stores are closed, and many factories are working at a reduced number of hours. As such, Valve also has forecast its production estimates, stating too that a few devices will be produced this time. Valve’s Index VR will be fewer in number if sales are to be taken into account.

The estimated production of the Index VR headset and other hardware has been affected to a large extent. The company has maintained that it is still hopeful of the sales while expecting that its latest stock will be present before the newest launch of the VR headset making company. It talks about the sales of its new Half-Life: Alyx, which is expected to be launched on March 23rd 2020. But, as opposed to the company’s initial anticipation, there will be “far fewer units” for its coming sales.

The company has been very vocal about its speculations about the decline in the number of products up for sales. A spokesperson from the brand announced the launch first of all. The Valve spokesperson said about Half-Life: Alyx in this regard, “With Half-Life: Alyx coming March 23rd, we are working hard to meet the demand for the Valve Index and want to reassure everyone that Index systems will be available for purchase prior to the game’s launch.”

It is important to note that before Valve, biggies like Apple and Facebook also have come up with what they calculate to be a slow quarter for their manufacturing and sales. The spokesperson from Valve added, “However, the global coronavirus health crisis has impacted our production schedules…,” the speaker put forth his thought piece, casting concerns over the looming danger which makes it unavoidable to face a slump.

The company will be having “far fewer units for sale during” the next few months in comparison to the numbers that the company had estimated at the start. Much like this, earlier it was Apple that had clipped its range of guidance for the Q 2 between the US $63 to $67 billion, which means the difference ensures a comfortable estimate that takes a wide speculative range from the US $4 billion for the company. This was only due to the result of the outbreak of the virus.

The number of affected people keeps on increasing with every passing day. Since the day Chinese medical officials came up with the detection based on symptoms, the number of affected people has seen a steep rise. Till date, 76800 cases have been reported, as per the recent report to the World Health Organization from China. Around the world, some 1100 extra cases of the people affected by the virus have been reported from 26 other countries. This data includes 7 deaths.

The spread of the virus has been very fast covering many countries like Japan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, United States, India, Canada and many more. A recent report has claimed that 11 Americans have also caught the disease from person to person contact. In India, specifically in the Southern states of Kerala, the recent travellers from China’s affected province are known to have been plagued by the disease. All these people have been kept in a quarantine facility to minimize casualties.

The economy has been hit hard. It should be noted that it is next to impossible to predict about global economy beforehand -how the spread of the virus would affect the overall production and sales. But, no company in this age of globalization can stay aloof from the perils of a global economic crunch slowdown. “Our entire team is working hard right now to maximize availability,” the spokesperson from Valve added as a conclusive phrase.

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