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VariDesk would henceforth be known as “Vari”

VariDesk changes its name to Vari

Sometime in 2013, a company called “VariDesk” began its evolution with the journey of manufacturing workplace furniture. On the 24th of February, the Coppell based firm announced that it would be changing its name to “Vari” going forward.

Going by the fact that the company has decided to rebrand itself, it would be important here to take a look at the commendable journey traversed by Vari during these seven years. In 2013, Vari entered the markets with the intention of creating innovative workspace desks. However, as time passed, Vari’s products also underwent a rapid change. At present, Vari provides a complete lineup of more than 200 workspace products. This is inclusive of its most famous adjustable desk models.

In all these years, Vari has changed the face of traditional office decor and replaced it with its latest furniture design. This would provide a more holistic and engaging workspace environment for all the future-generation employees. 

Vari co-founder and CEO Jason McCann says, “We built a strong brand, leading the category of standing desks and risers. That fast growth, combined with an inventive culture, has led us down a truly remarkable path.” He further went on to add, “Today, we’re much more than a desk. We’re Vari. And we have everything a high-growth business needs to furnish its entire workspace.”

Presently, Vari houses about 350 employees. It has become quite famous in many offices. In fact, about 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies order their workspace furniture from Vari.

In the year 2016, the company earned the name of being the fastest-growing company in Dallas by the Southern Methodist University Cox School’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship. And in 2017, McCann and Flaherty were named Entrepreneurs of the Year in the emerging consumer products category. This was announced by EY in the Southwest regional competition.

The company has also tried to expand its scope of business. It has also launched its commercial real-estate venture called VariSpace. In this setup, the company provides space-as-a-service. At present, the company has set up its VariSpace offices in locations such as Las Colinas and Southlake. It also went on to purchase the earlier Zale Corp. headquarters in Irving so that it could set up its own VariSpace office after completely redesigning the earlier office space. Additionally, it has also purchased a 380,000 square-foot campus on State Highway 114 located in Southlake for its second VariSpace location. Earlier, this location had offices for Sabre Corp.

McCann stated, “The way people work is changing–and that’s pushing companies to move with speed and confidence, and to continually innovate. We continue to embrace change and push past our own boundaries, expanding beyond the product we’re synonymous with to offer companies innovative workspace solutions. And we’re broadening our name to reflect that.”


Initially, VariDesk had started a cycle of product innovation that slowly evolved into making conference tables, chairs, movable walls, accessories, soft seating, lightings, and many more. Currently, Vari has earned the reputation of being the company that creates a very flexible workplace that is designed to match the expectations of modern employees. The workspace is also set up in a very limited amount of time in a very straightforward manner. 

Desktop risers would still remain a part of the firm’s portfolio. These products are expected to continue the company’s business by retaining the original name of VariDesk.

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