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Veo now Selling its Electric Scooter in Chicago

Veo now selling its electric scooter in Chicago

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges for public transportation shortly. It will be a while before we return to using public modes of travelling as we did earlier. For that time, alternatives are being developed to ease problems created by the lack of affordable commute options. 

Veo is a Chicago based electric scooter company that has branched out into selling electric scooters directly to the customers now. Scooter sharing business started to slow down as the pandemic reached its peak, and fewer customers were showing interest.

Right after the pandemic began, Veo or formerly known as VeoRide, started developing their Astro Go scooter. Now, the scooter is available for pre-order through the company’s app for $599. The foldable design that it carries and the 30 mph has already been able to attract many customers. 

The new model of the scooter that has been developed by Veo is designed for personal use and hasn’t been launched in the sharing programs that were prevalent earlier. Initially, the company started as a bike-sharing brand, and those programs can still be found in some locations. Since 2017, Veo has been able to branch out into various other products for shared modes of transportation.

The more known places where one would find Veo scooters are around University campuses and the city. A total of 40 communities are currently known to host the shared programs that the company has. The company also launched a recent successful campaign at the University of Illinois and in Atlanta. 

The decision to launch the scooter sale came after a second pilot for Chicago was announced. The dates of the launch lie around the pilot in August, which would allow more people to use electric scooters on the roads of Chicago. 

Significant competitors in the industry, Bird, Lime, and Spin would be a part of this pilot. The pilot rules have become more stringent than before, as vendors have been asked to disinfect the scooters every time after use. Gloves and hand disinfection are two mandates here, so any concerns around the spread of COVID-19 can be addressed. 

Veo was a part of the first pilot in Chicago, but that won’t be the case for the upcoming one. When asked about why Veo isn’t a part of it, Xie said that the time between announcement and launch was less. 

The pilot will surely be able to create more opportunities for Veo’s new personal scooter as the scheduled time for it is between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. Many like construction workers would be out later than that which would induce them to buy personal scooters rather than taking on sharing ones that have a curfew attached. 

Veo has become a prominent brand since its launch because of its great products because it manufactures its products in Asia while many others purchase their scooters from other sources. The key feature of their scooters is a replaceable battery pack, which is more reliable than third-party sources for charging. Now, the company looks forward to participating in more pilots in the city and expanding in the coming time so they could obtain a license officially.

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