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Verizon to give 15 GB of extra data to its mobile customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Verizon to give 15 GB of extra data to its mobile customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Starting from March 25th and to April 30th, Verizon, due to the Coronavirus epidemic, will be giving its customers 15 GB of extra data. It has come up because people have started working from home and need high-speed data all the time. The company also announced that it would be removing the additional data cap and limitations on its plan for its mobile customers. They will also waive the overuse data charges that used to exist in their plans.

Not only this, but the Verizon company has also announced that it will waive the voice call charges in its Lifeline plan. Other benefits include free international calling. 

The CEO of Verizon Consumer Group Ronan Dunne in a press conference said, “We understand the hardships that many of our customers are facing, and we’re doing our part to ensure they have broadband internet connectivity during this unprecedented time. With so many Americans working and learning remotely from home, having access to reliable and affordable internet is more important than ever before.”

According to the CEO, the company understands the hardship of their customers in the current health crisis and pandemic COVID-19. The Federal Communications Commission’s 60-day Keep Americans Connected Pledge asked telecommunications industries not to terminate data service and mobile service from residential and small business owners. They also requested the companies to reduce their charges for plans, remove data caps, and also remove the overuse changes that they imposed on citizens.

The 60-day Keep Americans Connected Pledge also stated that they wish for the companies to provide free Wi-Fi hotspot to public places where a user can easily connect to it, and use it to work from home. The pledge has also suggested companies to remove any data caps and charges for long-distance calls.

Starting from March 25th itself, every customer of Verizon with a metered connection will be receiving an extra 15 GB data that they can use for the mobile hotspot, smartphone, or any other device. The unlimited customers of Verizon will also be provided with 4G LTE hotspot of extra 15 GB that will be added to their plan immediately. 

It must be noted that Verizon is only removing overage charges but not the data caps. The company says that most of their customers are on unlimited wireless plans. For those who are not, the company has advised them to either switch plans or connect to any available free Wi-Fi hotspot available nearby. 

Other companies, such as Comcast, also announced that it would be suspending its internet data caps for 60 days until the COVID-19 fears settle down. They will also be removing any additional overuse charges. Following suit, T-Mobile will also be removing overuse charges and has announced to provide its customers with 20 GB of additional hotspot data.

Like Verizon, AT&T is also not removing any data caps and has outright said no it. The company says that it will only remove the domestic charges for the overuse of data. Whether more companies are planning on following the same pledge is unknown.

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