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Verizon to Support eSIM and Dual SIM with Dual Standby on Google Pixel 4

Verizon to support eSIM and Dual SIM with Dual Standby on Google Pixel 4

It was reported yesterday itself, that the Google FI will now start allowing eSIMs to be activated in the newer models of iPhone. But now it seems like the Verizon Company has also added the eSIM and Dual SIM with Dual Standby mode on both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL this month itself. For the unknown, both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are mobile devices by Google itself.

It happened after Verizon made a patch in April under the April security patch, which was reported by XDA. After this update, Verizon enabled both the eSIM and Dual SIM Dual Standby on the Pixel 4 mobile devices. In the eSIM, a user is benefited as he does not have to provide the cell phone with a physical Nano-SIM but lets you save the hassle and use the phone with a virtual SIM card. In the dual SIM dual Standby mode, the device will let you use both the physical as well as the virtual card at the same time.

To explain it more, if a person is using one of the SIMs for data, he can use the other SIM for calling and texting, both at the same time. 

For people that are Android 10 users, Verizon has provided every single detail on how to move on with the process in the settings tab of your phone. The entire activation process requires the user to provide the phone with the IMEI2 details and also to contact the carrier support for provisioning and other details. The second step will be to scan the QR code that will be provided. 

After you have activated your eSIM in just two steps, you will be able to name it or change the color and icon along with setting all your data preference settings, selecting the call and texting options, and a lot more. 

The Verizon Company has provided a detailed FAQ regarding their eSIM support. But the company has not updated its FAQ with the inclusion of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Currently, the company shows supporting Dual SIM dual standby mode for only the iPhone users. 

This service is the most essential for people that travel a lot for personal or business purposes and need a data plan in every foreign country they visit. It also helps people in using both their personal and business numbers with the same device and causes less hassle in maintaining two phones for it.

The new update by Verizon for Pixel 4 has already been released on the 6th of April and will be available throughout by the end of this month. The new security patch that was made by Verizon at the start of April also added the much-required feature called the ‘face unlock’ to the Pixel 4.

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