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Versa Desk Calls Out Illegal Importers through a Legal Investigation

VersaDesk calls out illegal importers through a legal investigation

VersaDesk is a U.S. based company known specifically for manufacturing good quality electric standing desks. They are the original creators of the sit-stand desk that has become extremely popular these days. Although, its competitors like Varidesk, VIVIO, Stand Steady, and more are under scrutiny for using a similar design for their products. 

Currently being termed as illegal importers, all the competitor brands of VersaDesk will be going through a patent infringement, as announced by the U.S. Trade Commission. Here, VersaDesk has highlighted that Varidesk and others on the list are importing cheaper materials from China to manufacture a similar design to their product. 

The questions being put forward towards Varidesk and others have come from the fact that VersaDesk’s design is patented, and the entire manufacturing process takes place within the U.S. boundaries. The company has been doing the same for the past 20 years while creating jobs for people in the country. 

The announcement regarding the questioning has come at a time when disconnecting from China and working from home have become two very important aspects. Many people worldwide are working from home, and VersaDesk considers it their responsibility to highlight the defaults of illegal trade around the import of low-quality materials.

The entire situation is a bid to remove any unfair competition in the market where VersaDesk has been able to make a name for themselves. It is also believed that any unfair practices connected with materials will be less likely to post the investigation. 

Many around the world are using furniture like the electric sit-stand desk to accommodate their homes as their office spaces. It has become the new normal for a lot of major companies already while more are working towards it. It makes the delivery of the best product even more crucial for a company like VersaDesk. 

The sit-stand electric desk that VersaDesk has patented and designed is a very innovative solution that is perfect for individuals working from home these days. The height-adjustable feature is what allows the user to switch between standing and sitting. The desk isn’t just comfortable to use during long working days but has health benefits, like a better posture and better blood flow.

VersaDesk has created a very innovative product for the market and provides great service for it. Consumers can directly influence their manufacturing process to get a more customized product. They also fulfill any special project requirements that might come up. 

The desk was introduced to the market in 2016, which was the same time when Versa Desk also applied for a patent. The patent was given to them three years later in 2019. The company has many patented products like this, and their complaint regarding the sit-stand desk is a step to guarding their property. Eventually, any knock offs will be removed from the market only for the actual products to be available.

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