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Vivo Starts Showing Teasers of the Next Flagship, having a Giant Gimbal-Style Camera Lens

Vivo starts showing teasers of the next flagship, having a giant gimbal-style camera lens

Vivo’s next flagship phone, the X50 will be having a giant camera lens, as per a tease that the company released on Weibo. The teaser that has been posted on the platform shows that the phone will have two average lenses and one larger camera module. Indeed, it was the greater camera module that steals the show.

The interesting thing is the rotation of the lens. The gimbal-like lens, which is the most prominent feature of the Vivo X50 smartphones, will be having a robotic sort of rotation. We can assume this gimbal style camera lens to be the primary camera for now. Thus, as far as we have gathered, the 48 MP primary camera has this gimbal style lens. As per Vivo, the gimbal design has been inspired by chameleon eyeballs that rotate to track objects!

Vivo is expected to integrate its 16 MP selfie camera straight into the camera’s display. Vivo is saying that the same has been done to increase the transmittance of light of that part of the screen by a factor of 6 times. Vivo’s camera lens will be sporting a digital zoom with a few more optical steps while heavily betting on algorithm-based optimizations to better the image quality. 

Vivo says and means that its optical zoom will be “continuous,” which is almost like it is referring to the true “optical zoom.” It is a feature that even the best phones in the market, boasting of the best cameras right now, do not use and instead go with the fixed prime lenses’ route. There is just that in the case of Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra, which additionally utilizes software to process the pictures coming between these focal lengths.

The Apex 2020’s most eye-catching feature is the 6.45-inch long visual treat of “full view edgeless” display that accompanies the 120 degree curved edges. Just last year, the Nex 3 flagship had installed the Vivo one, but this goes beyond that. The 16 MP camera module is 6.2 mm thick and should be attributed to the periscope design that comes with a unique zooming system that makes a slide from 5x to 7.5x magnification.

Then there is this waterfall display, which looks stunning as well as dramatic in person. This display has been merged with 88-degree curves, and to top it all, the Apex 2020’s display screen is curved somewhat more around its edges.

As compared to traditional OIS, the company is saying that it will provide a 200 percent enhanced quality. The quality will be reflected chiefly in the videos and clips that you watch. It would mean smoother videos and longer exposures to night times.

It is not clear what makes the primary lens this big. However, our best guesses are on the newly announced ISOCELL GN1 sensor that Samsung X50 could be using. Vivo’s X50 event will be taking place on June 1, 2020.

Image source: TheVerge

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