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With FreeSync and 4K gaming at 120Hz, Vizio’s latest TVs are all set to spice-up lives

Vizios upcoming TVs to have FreeSync technology and 4K gaming

In a current scenario, when many game consoles have been lined up for release, Vizio Inc would not like to be left behind either. According to the latest information, all the upcoming Vizio TVs would be getting along with the FreeSync feature. Not only this, but they would also be compatible with 4K gaming at 120Hz.

All of these updates would be present in Vizio’s TVs equipped with SmartCast that are slated to launch in 2021. These televisions would also be coming with a built-in ProGaming Engine. Vizio has announced that, although all of its TVs belonging to the V-series category or above would have support for HDMI 2.1, they are still not compatible with the 120fps 4K input, at least not all models.

Vizio claims that post this update, the black level rate would be improved drastically in these TVs. Not only this, the local dimming factor would be sharpened to a great extent. The brightness feature would also be better for content playing on both SDR as well as HDR. All of these improved features would be available in Vizio’s M-Series as well as P-Series LCD television sets.

Vizio TVs within the M-Series would also be compatible with AMD’s FreeSync Technology, whose refresh rate can be changed. This technology ensures a tear-free low latency rate for 4K graphics that can go upto a frequency of 60fps.

Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer at Vizio, went on to say, “Today’s games are more demanding than ever, and so are today’s gamers. We worked side by side with AMD to ensure AMD FreeSync technology would be available on our 2021 Collection, in turn giving our users a smooth, high refresh rate gaming experience. With highly anticipated game console releases from Microsoft and Sony around the corner, consumers are looking for a commitment to high-end gaming performance on the big screen that matches their own passion. VIZIO’s 2021 lineup delivers on that commitment and then some with best-in-class 4K Quantum Color picture performance and industry-leading peak brightness.”


The P-series TVs, as well as the upcoming OLED television sets, have been equipped with an IQ Ultra Processor within them. All of these offer support for 4K, 120fps gameplay. Vizio also claims that the rate of judder reduction is much better in the OLED TVs, although they will not be supporting the FreeSync feature. On the other hand, Vizio TVs lined within the P-Series category would be coming with the AMD FreeSync Premium technology. AMD had introduced and briefed about the same during the CES event that was held in January. This technology permits a sync rate of 120Hz for a resolution of 1080p.

One thing missing from the Vizio TVs is the NVIDIA Sync technology. So far, one can witness both the G-Sync as well as the FreeSync technologies in LG OLEDs that have come up in 2020. The press release notes that VRR, along with NVIDIA’s latest 30 Series RTX GPU can be easily activated in all Vizio TVs falling within the P-Series category.

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