Voice-controlled standing desks; You will soon see them in the Market for Sale

Voice Controlled Standing Desk will soon be available image

The technology is driven and developed to such an extent that we now have a Voice control desk too. Yes, that is right. VertDesk V3 with Voice Control is a voice-activated standing desk that allows iPhone users to give a voice command and control their desk. The users can move the desk up and down by just using their voice commands.

Standing desks are just so convenient and customizable. They are taking over the traditional and regular desks at a pretty fast pace. And with the introduction of the voice control desk, the level just notched up. There are programmable pre-sets to adjust them to a preferred height just with a button. 

As per the news, this VertDesk V3 will be available in the market by this September wherein all the users have to say is “HEY SIRI, STAND UP!”. The commands obviously vary from “Hey Siri, stand up!” to “Hey Siri, sit down.” The apt cost of the product is believed to be $552 with the Ketterer single motor system can support the lifting of up to 275 lb (124 kg) from 27 inches (68.5 cm) in height to 47.5 in at a speed of up to 1.55 inches (3.9 cm) per second.

There is a physical button also in the standing desk, where pushing the button would raise or sit the desk as it works. But the question is why automatism to such an extent? If the person is eventually going to stand, what is the harm is just pushing a button. This could be customized in two presets for sitting and standing and still be left with two more.

The VertDesk has a programmed activity assistant just like the Apple watch which frequently reminds to stand once in a while. It sends notifications to the Apple iPhone to actually make use of the standing desk or else it would just be a desk because let us admit, no one really stands and work and works and stand. Users can set up pre-recorded commands in the app, and the feature which will send out reminder notifications to sit or stand throughout the working day.

According to VertDesk maker BOTD.com, BTOD is planning to release the new functions in all-new VertDesk V3’s by the end of the year, with an app for Android users coming in a month or so.

“We knew that our customers wanted to focus on their work, not pressing up and down buttons,” said Greg Knighton, President of BTOD. “The use of voice control creates a unique hands-free experience, enabling user height adjustments with simple commands like, Hey Siri, Stand Up.”

Although there have been ideas brought up for this kind of product, the VertDesk V3 claimed to be the first of its type. It will be available online to order with a Bluetooth control box as an add-on which is only compatible with the VertDesk V3 and RightAngle’s NewHeights Series 4 desks.

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