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Volkswagen’s Electric Race Car breaks its own 20-year-old Goodwood Hill record

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The 20-year-old record of Goodwood Hill climbing has been recently broken by Volkswagen’s electric racecar. The driver Romain Dumas broke the record set for 20 years. The earlier record was set at 41.6 seconds by F1 driver Nick Heidfeld, which was broken by Dumas at 39.9 seconds.

Romain Dumas was behind the wheel of Volkswagen I.D R electric racecar at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill climb. The earlier record was made in 1999 and nobody was able to break the record till date. The Speed Hill record-breaking performance occurred after Dumas was found to break the electric vehicle record at Germany’s famous Nurburgring, snatching the title from EP9 supercar built by Chinese EV startup NIO, with the help of 680 horsepower I.D. R.

Dumas is even known for holding the record of the fastest run up Pikes Peak, the event for which Volkswagen I.D. R was made for the first time. The previous record set by Nick Heidfeld was made in a McLaren MP4/13 Formula One car which, despite its design, worked quite well in setting the level and helping Nick in earning the title. Meanwhile the I.D. R can be said to be made specifically for trails like Goodwood where the driver would have no problem in handling the car even in such difficult paths. One would agree to the statement after watching the video of Dumas and compare it to that of Nick. 

After watching the videos of both the racers one can see the I.D. R to be effortlessly climbing the path of Goodwood while the 780 horsepower V10 F1 car appears to have a bit of difficulty in the path. Dumas is even known to have appeared for the Goodwood Festival of Speed climb hill last year. The racer collaborated with Volkswagen and bought the I.D. R to the festival and was indeed the first one to set the record of all-electric hill climb and even gained the third fastest time overall, even after nearly losing the car due to a slide in the dirt

After observing the flaws and areas which needed improvement, Volkswagen changed the internals of the car with other modifications. These modifications helped Dumas in attaining the record and earned him the title. Volkswagen made it possible to break the 20-year-old record of Goodwood in just 39.9 seconds. There have been quite difficulties for the driver as well as the company for achieving the goal. A year of struggle, after all, gave them the prize they deserved. It is no surprise that this record would be a bit difficult for the competitors to break and might be the benchmark for quite a few years. 

After the Goodwood Festival of Speed Climb hill, we can expect Dumas to appear in various other car racing and speed hill climbing events with the latest I.D. R from Volkswagen, in the near future. For now, the record set would not only be a goal but also an inspiration for other competitors and that is going to be fierce competition for sure.

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