Walmart’s direct-to-fridge service is finally here; Only in the US as of now

Walmart direct to fridge service is available now image

The news of the In-Home delivery by Walmart was first announced in June 2019. Recently, it has been confirmed from many news sources that Walmart has started the In-Home delivery services, with the US being the first country to have this service. The In-Home delivery would allow the delivery person to enter the house and deliver the products according to the instructions set by the customer.

A similar concept was made by Amazon, where the delivery person can now even deliver the products by opening the garage. Not only that, but the Amazon delivery person can also keep the products at the trunk of the car of the customer. Many companies are even attempting a drone delivery service, which would come to the market soon.

Leaving that aside, let’s know-how would the delivery person get access to the customer’s house. For doing so, the customer first has to pay $49 to Walmart to install a Level Home smart lock system and several other technologies that would monitor the movement of the delivery person inside the house. The delivery person would be equipped with a camera outfit, and upon reaching the house, it would request the customer for a pin to enter the house.

The customer would then send the one time password to the delivery person through text message. After entering the house, the delivery person would keep the products in the fridge or the kitchen. The camera installed in the home would record the entire time when the delivery person is in the house. This recording can be viewed by the customer only.

Though there is a piece of additional information regarding the In-Home delivery, for the maintenance of the system, the customer has to pay $19 every month, though the first month is free. The amount paid per month gives the user access to unlimited deliveries, though there is also a condition to this. The orders should be at least $30, only after which the customer can opt for the In-Home delivery. It means that even if you have paid your monthly amount, you cannot get any In-Home delivery unless you spend $30.

The customers can currently access the In-Home delivery feature in Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Vero Beach, and Florida. The In-Home delivery system is a creative idea that Walmart has come up with it, but it also has its disadvantages. The In-Home delivery system can hamper the privacy and security of the customers. Even though measures are being taken, but no technology is perfect, and this is a new concept, and there are high risks.

Apart from that, the cost of the delivery system is quite high. The customers who live far away from Walmart cannot get In-Home deliveries until and unless they have an order worth $30. Also, there is no guarantee that the delivery person would not mess up with the places and the objects in the house. Though Walmart is currently training the delivery persons to make this feature a hit, still one cannot take any risks.

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