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Walmart voice ordering can now be done using Apple’s Siri voice assistant

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Walmart is now providing voice ordering service even to the Apple users. This voice ordering app makes use of the Siri voice assistant. This voice ordering can be done using the grocery app in Apple devices. They can add items by using Siri to their monthly grocery list without using pen and paper.

Voice ordering feature can now be used in Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Home Pod, and in the car play-enabled vehicle. To add an item using voice ordering, we can simply say, “hey Siri, add to Walmart”. Also, there is another advantage of this feature when we ask to add the same item from that of the previous. That is, the exact item will be just added even if you don’t mention it.

To elaborate, if last time you ordered “ Great value organic orange juice with no pulp”. The next time when you order if you just say orange juice, the specific type of orange juice which you ordered before will be added automatically. Say, last time you ordered high-quality bath towels of so and so brand. Then the next time, it is just enough if you say bath towels. Then that previous brand will be opted by default.

In a blog post, Tom Ward, senior vice president of digital operations of Walmart U.S.; Ashley Hubka, senior vice president of corporate strategy and development; and Janey Whiteside, chief customer officer said, “We’re proud to announce that partnering with Apple, we’ve made Walmart Voice Order available on Siri. We are always looking for new ways to bring our customers the best experiences when buying Apple products from Walmart and when using their Apple devices everyday”.


They added, “It feels a little like magic on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Home Pod or I car with CarPlay”. To start their voice ordering in Apple devices, users need to go into the Walmart Grocery app. And they go to the account page and click on “voice shopping”. Next, they must link their Walmart and new Siri shortcut account. After which they can add items using voice, and after the list is complete, they can order the items for pickup or delivery.

The three spokesmen of Walmart also added, “We know when using voice technology, customers add items to their cart one at a time over a few days rather than shopping for the entire week all at once. Apple and Walmart make that simply by allowing users to participate wherever they are in their grocery shopping journey, on whichever Apple device they’re using “.

Actually, Apple introduced Walmart ordering once in April 2019. It first was introduced only in the Android devices. This feature made use of Google voice assistant. Now, it has been extended to iOS devices also. Ward, Hubka and Whiteside said, “Walmart Voice Order now works across leading voice assistants. Pair that with the reach of Online Grocery Pickup and Delivery, and nearly 80% of the country can order groceries by just saying what items they need”.

As Walmart is competitive with the Amazon, Alexa users will not be able to use the voice ordering. Thus the voice order will only work with the Sir and Google Assistant. Walmart has been bringing many new services to compete with tech giants like Amazon. The Bentonville, Ark-based retailer launched Walmart Delivery Unlimited last week. The users have to subscribe by paying an annual fee of $98 and a monthly fee of $12.95 to avail this no limit on delivery service. Also, Walmart launched the In-Home Delivery Service in October.

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