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Walt Disney Plans to Reopen its Restaurant and Entertainment Complex

Walt Disney plans to reopen its restaurant and entertainment complex

Walt Disney has decided to reopen its extremely popular restaurant and entertainment complex as the strict norms regarding the lockdown are being relaxed by and by. Though the large entertainment complex is going to be opened with restaurants welcoming people too, Walt Disney World will not be opening its theme parks and hotels.

Thus, hotels and theme parks, which are a major attraction at Walt Disney, will remain closed. The entertainment area that proudly underscores “Where dreams come true” is one of the most popular tourist spots and is liked by children and the young alike. The entertainment complex covers a total area of 120 acres, which is about 49 hectares.

Disney Springs, an outdoor dining, shopping, and entertainment complex, will have some of its businesses opened. Though many businesses are in line to get the preferential treatment as far as the reopening criteria go, Walt Disney is in no mood to expedite the same. It is in favor of carefully watching out for the application of all safety rules and regulations.

The vice president at Disney Springs, Matt Simon, had posted on Thursday over the official Disney Parks Blog about the reopening. Simon had stated that the dining complex as part of the area would get reopened on May 20. He was quick to note that the reopening will be accompanied by enhanced safety measures, which are extremely crucial to help towards the prevention of the spread of the virus.

There shall be a host of precautionary measures that the entertainment complex has decided to go with. First and foremost is the idea to include increased cleaning procedures all around the complex and in the area as well. After that, the company has got its focus on PPEs or Personal protective equipment. It is very important since the use of proper face coverings by both the cast members and guests is one thing the complex cannot overlook.

Not just that, Disney has planned to impart apt training to its staff, and its focus will also be on giving additional safety training for the cast members employed there. There shall be a provision of limited contact services to guests that will enable the employees and the guests to enjoy the services while maintaining physical distance to the extent possible.

It should be known that Disney World had closed all its complex, and thus the whole lot of dining and shopping had become a thing of the past for all its fans. The decision of pulling shutters down that was taken in the wake of the drastic ongoing situations of the COVID 19 crisis, has now been reviewed. Gradually, more and more businesses are being reopened. 

It is in pursuance with the guidance of the government and health department that a restricted number of dining and shopping experiences could be opened with security and safety precautions in place for both parties. The businesses which are owned by third-party operating participants will start to reopen during the start phase.

Image source: The Economic Times

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