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Warren bashes CEO Mark Zuckerberg against Facebook ads policy with her false Facebook ad

Warren running a false ad to aim at Facebooks ads policy image

Late last month, Facebook announced that it lets politicians free from its third-party fact-checking process. In response to the announcement made, Elizabeth Warren, a Presidential candidate, attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as she was not satisfied with the announcement.

On Saturday, Ms.Warren posted a false ad on Facebook stating that “Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook just endorsed Donald Trump for re-election”. Then Ms.Warren claims that she deliberately made a false ad because the social media platform simply corrects it, saying that it’s making a point and accepts it.

So Ms.Warren says that the company is allowing politicians to make just any false accusations about the opposite party. And she adds that Mr.Zuckerberg has given Trump to lie on his platform to the people. She simply calls it a “disinformation-for-profit-machine” and the company’s CEO must be held responsible for this. 

Trump campaign posted ads on social media accusing Joseph R. Biden Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate of corruption. The ad falsely said that Mr.Biden offered $1 billion to Ukraine officials to remove the prosecutor who was in charge of investigating the company of Mr.Biden’s son. It was viewed 5 million times on Facebook. A Trump’s spokesman also said that the post was accurate.

But a fact check organization said that Mr.Biden did threaten, but there is no evidence that he did it for his son. Even many cable outlets did not publish this post as it was a false rumor. The Biden campaign asked Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to remove this ad from its site as it was a false accusation. But the social media company refused by saying that politician’s posts are important and newsworthy even if they are false accusations. 

So Ms.Warren has raised her voice in this problem, saying that social media such as Facebook with nearly 2.2 billion users across the world must not allow users/politicians just to let any false information spread because that will bring a negative impact on the people’s opinion. The spokesman of Facebook said that “Political speech should be protected”. The company also said that we want the politician’s speech and debate to reach the public. And we leave it to their opinion. 

Also, in a leaked audio published this month, Mark Zuckerberg is saying to their employees that Ms.Warren would be sued if she enacts the breakup plan as president. In response to this, Ms.Warren said that Facebook must first fix its security to protect people’s privacy and minimize illegal activities. In response to Ms.Warren, Facebook said that “We agree it’s better to let voter’s not companies decide”.

Ms.Warren has called for the breakup of big companies like Facebook. For Facebook, it is a complex situation. Because it already has a debate on what to allow and what not to allow on its site as it faced a huge problem during the 2016 presidential election due to the Russian operatives. Social media like Facebook is used as an effective way of communication with people and to gather voters easily and efficiently during the election. As the presidential election is nearing, that is in 2020; social media advertising is becoming a major issue. So Mr.Zuckerberg has scheduled to speak at Georgetown University regarding the political speech policies this coming week.

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