Water Heater was likely to be a source for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning that Killed a Family of Four

A family of four died due to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the water heater. As per the Authorities, high levels of carbon monoxide inside the home is the reason behind the death of the family. Police went to Reitter Family as a part of Wellness Check after getting a call from one of their family members.

On getting no response from the persons inside the home, Police entered their home forcibly. Gabe Reitter III, his wife Jennifer, and their kids Gabe IV, Grace along with 3 dogs died in the incident. Police found Dead Bodies of the family in Separate Rooms. High Levels of Carbon Monoxide led to the death of the family immediately. Fire Department got to see 999 to 1200 Parts per million of CO Levels inside the home.

Usually, People can experience CO Poisoning symptoms at 70 Parts Per Million as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Forensic Department during its investigation of the appliance, found the exhaust pipe slightly dislodged. Before the authorities could finalize whether it is a faulty installation or faulty unit the Water Heater began emitting high levels of CO.

The Montgomery County Coroner which performed autopsies on the Reitter Family has given a preliminary report. It stated the reason behind the death as Carbon Monoxide Saturation.  After analyzing blood gases for a week the reason can turn to Carbon Monoxide Intoxication. According to Police, there is no other cause behind the death of the family.

A Code Compliance Inspector said the water heater present in Reitter’s home appears to be code compliant. But there was no permit on file regarding the installation needed by law. Police responded to a similar incident where a person became sick to carbon monoxide exposure at home. The Source was also a Navien Tankless Water Heater which converts natural gas to Propane.

Authorities say that kit installed on boilers and tankless water heaters to convert natural gas to propane can lead to excessive carbon monoxide. This can pose a risk of CO Poisoning to its Consumers. However, the model present in Reitter’s Home was not among the recalled Products List.

Police are not yet sure about this Carbon Monoxide Leak whether it was a faulty installation or defective product. However, the police with their assistance reported the two similar incidents to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Genoa Township Police Department makes no affirmations whether the cause of death is due to human error or product fault.

According to Police, the family was last seen on April 29th where they complained about all of them being unwell. In fact, Parents informed that their daughter wouldn’t be coming to school as she was sick.

As per UPSC, about 170 People die on an average each year in the United States due to carbon monoxide leakage by non- automotive consumer products. As the gas is colorless, odorless, highly poisonous people should fit alarms within their homes to overcome these hazards. Share this news among your friends to spread awareness about the danger of carbon monoxide within the home.

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