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Werner Herzog’s meteorite documentary named “Fireball” all set to appear on Apple TV+

Werner Herzog’s meteorite documentary Fireball to launch on Apple TV plus

Not too long ago, in November 2019, when the science fiction web series called “For All Mankind” premiered on Apple TV+, it immediately received quite a lot of positive reviews from the viewers. And now, Apple TV+ is ready to premiere another documentary based on meteorites. Yes, you heard that right. Directed by German-based director Werner Herzog, along with the assistance of volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer, this documentary named “Fireball” seems to have a lot in store.

Watching this documentary would give viewers an understanding of how shooting stars, meteors, comets, and deep impacts physically and culturally influence humans when it comes to facts like mythology, religion as well as the human imagination. 

Fireball comes jointly under Werner Herzog Film production as well as Spring Films, a well-known Emmy Award-winning production company that went to the Oscars. According to a statement issued by Apple, “Fireball” is jointly produced by Andre Singer and Lucki Stipetic. The executive producer for the documentary is Richard Melman.

Previous other ventures of Herzog and Oppenheimer

This is not the first time that Herzog and Oppenheimer have collaborated. Previously, both had come together for a few other documentaries like “Encounters at the End of the World” based on the lives of people and places within Antarctica. Again this show was nominated for the Academy Awards. 

Apart from this, there is also a documentary called “Into the Inferno” that came up in 2016. This documentary gave a lot of in-depth knowledge regarding active volcanoes. This was one of the nominations at the Emmy awards. 

Both Herzog and Oppenheimer received a lot of praise and acclamation for the above documentaries. 

When is “Fireball” likely to premiere?

The announcement regarding “Fireball” was made way back in 2018. However, so far, no release date has been decided. The coronavirus pandemic, as we all know, has taken a huge toll on our normal lives. Likewise, many film and TV productions, too, have taken a backseat for now. However, this would only add up to the fierce competition to the list of movies or TV shows /documentaries that are waiting to be released. 

Apart from “Fireball” that is yet to arrive, there are a few other documentaries that have released on Apple TV+ like “The Elephant Queen” (arrived in 2019), “Boys State” (arrived in January this year) and “Beastie Boys Story” (arrived in April this year).

Apple TV+ is an ad-free web streaming service that provides entertainment to its viewers on a subscription basis. Its service is provided on behalf of Apple Inc. The service started on November 1, 2019. The streaming service was announced at an event in March 2020 wherein several celebrities involved in Apple TV+ projects like Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Speilberg, and Jason Momoa, among many others, were present. 

The web series/movies on Apple TV+ are available on Apple’s website as well as the Apple TV app. Presently, there is no local app for Windows and Android platforms, thereby leaving a loophole for a particular section of users in case they want to view Apple TV+ content. 

After launch, Apple TV+ was available in about 100 countries and now with the launch of new documentary and web series on Apple TV+ it is creating the best impact on its customers.

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