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What is Red Bulls’ next option after Honda quits from F1?

What is Red Bulls' next option after Honda quits from F1?

The Japanese company Honda, an entrant and consistent engine supply for F1, now decided to end its FIA participation by the end of season 2021. The decision was made at the end of September to focus on its EV technology and reduce the carbon emission. This news is quite a shock for the racing fans, and now the question is What car does Red Bull f1 use? After Honda terminated with F1, as we all know, they are using Honda powered Aston Martin Red Bull Racing cars. 

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner stated that “As a team, we understand how difficult it has been for Honda Motor Company to reach the decision to step back from Formula One at the end of the 2021 season. The shifting focus within the automotive industry has led to Honda’s decision to re-deploy their resources, and we understand and respect the reasoning behind this” he also added, “Whilst we are disappointed not to continue our partnership with Honda, we are enormously proud of our joint success, delivering five wins and 15 podiums for both Red Bull-owned teams.”


For the question Is Honda returning to F1, Chief Executive Takahiro Hachigo already said that they are not considering returning to F1 technology and said, “This is not a result of the coronavirus pandemic but because of our longer-term carbon-free goal.” They already mentioned that Honda achieved its goal by its 3 victories in the previous season. It believes in “once-in-one-hundred-years” and makes an effort for the zero-emission technology to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Honda recently launched its first electric vehicle, the Honda E, with an excellent retro-sport interior. Still, it struggled to impress customers with its energy management through this battery driven car. As already mentioned, the target of 2050 carbon neutrality will ace the game of EV. They will keep up with their research process for hybrid and gas cars and hydrogen fuel cell technology as part of carbon neutrality and produce more innovative EVs.

There is also news that Honda will Launch another electric vehicle by the end of this month. If Honda’s target of more energy vehicles is by 2050. It also promised to produce the 1/3rd of its EV production by 2030. Honda stated in an interview, “Honda needs to funnel its corporate resources in research and development into the areas of a future power unit and energy technologies, including fuel cell vehicle (FCV) and battery EV (BEV) technologies, which will be the core of carbon-free technologies.”

Honda will continue to work with the Red Bull team until the end of 2021. Right now, the Gossip is that they may look forward to motorsports and enter into electric racing Formula E.

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