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WhatsApp adds new features to tackle Coronavirus misinfo

WhatsApp adds new features to tackle Coronavirus misinfo

WhatsApp is one of those platforms that see a humongous exchange of texts and media related to the Coronavirus and the global pandemic. On the gloomy side, the social media platform is home to a plethora of misinformation too. As such, the app has added 2 new features for its millions of users worldwide. You should be able to chat with WHO and search over Google regarding a text.

The World Health Organization has partnered with the popular social media platform to establish a fully automated chat-based help. The only difference lies in the way you are able to access several options. In place of the menu, there is a set of numbers aligned to every search query. When you type and hit the send button, within a fraction of a second, you are presented with a lot of details about the question or doubt you might have had.

With the help of the chat, you can furnish information and guidance from WHO about the current global pandemic, COVID 19. Using the facility, the user can get the latest pandemic numbers, know how the infection spreads, know about the symptoms of the disease, read tips about protecting oneself, find answers to the most general, and frequently asked questions. The chat also facilitates the user to read and check some myth-busters.

Not only this, one can get media-related information and get to read the news as well. You can easily get advice pertaining to travel and public safety. You can seek details regarding news and press. The chat is carried out with the official business account of the World Health Organization. Questions as common as “What can I do to protect myself and prevent the spread of the disease” and as complex and abstract as “How do I cope with stress during COVID 19” have got a ready answer.

With the use of interactive and related emojis and bullet points, the pointers are presented lucidly. The user is able to understand and grasp the nitty-gritty of the current global outbreak while staying at home from a trusted and reliable source.

Next up, we have the search icons to appear next to forwarded texts, but it has not been made functional for everyone as of now. In the case of those texts that are forwarded heavily, as happens in the event of a proposed remedy, legislation, or explanatory text of any kind, users would get an icon to search and confirm the veracity of the message. 

Google searches can be directed to find any text message that has been forwarded multiple times. The feature is currently showing for texts to some users. It could, later on, show up for images and videos as well. This initiative is crucial to help users spot fake article titles or articles and check for themselves if the message was posted at a trusted place or not.

For seeing the search icon, you would have to install the latest version of the app and ensure that you are on the latest WhatsApp 2.20.96 beta. It helps you to have a quick fact check.

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