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Whatsapp allows businesses to share contact using QR codes that customers can scan

Whatsapp allows businesses to share contact using QR codes that customers can scan

Whatsapp brought out a feature about a week ago that allows the sharing of contacts very easily using QR codes. The company is making the same feature available for businesses so that it is easy for their customers to get in touch with them. Customers of such businesses can quite literally scan the QR code, and they will directly be taken to the chatbox of the respective business, and then they can drop them a message. Earlier, any customer wanting to get in touch with a business would have to manually add their phone number to their device’s contact list and then go back to the app and then message them. This new feature will make the contacting part completely hassle-free.

There are about 50 million big and small business accounts that work via WhatsApp. Such establishments using WhatsApp as their mode of communication with their customers will benefit a great deal. However, this is not it. The new feature comes with a couple of added perks. The businesses get to customize the very first message that pops up inside their chatbox when a customer scans their QR code for the first time. The initial messages can vary from business to business, for example, it could be a warm greeting, a link to their product catalog or menu, or even just their business timings, etc.

Another feature that WhatsApp has been working on introducing is the benefit of businesses in the catalog feature. It will allow businesses to share their product catalogs very easily via WhatsApp messenger itself. The catalogs will show up as a lightweight version of a full-fledged website. The business owner will be able to share a link of their catalog easily accessible on apps outside of WhatsApp. The company is currently working on bringing better features for businesses, and these two have been on top of the list. Both of these features can be availed by users on the WhatsApp business app and also via the WhatsApp Business API. In times like these, when eCommerce has helped a lot of businesses survive the COVID 19 pandemic and help the customer’s avail services while still staying inside the safety of their homes. 

Whatsapp business being the primary medium of contact between most small business owners and their customers have kept these small scale firms afloat. Another great reason businesses use WhatsApp as their medium of contact can be the trust-building that happens. Whatsapp is an app for messaging friends and family for a very long time has now allowed users to trust it somewhat automatically. Thus, the companies using it have seen considerable amounts of the rise in customer trust-building and customers’ return rates. Any good businessman knows that the best profits are made when customers keep returning for your services because that is free marketing. 

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