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WhatsApp introduces call waiting feature with several more in tow

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Now WhatsApp users will not miss any calls thanks to their call- waiting feature. The new feature allows users to decide which call to attend.

In the earlier version of WhatsApp, if the user received a call while they were already in the middle of a Whatsapp call, the second call was disconnected automatically. The user would then receive a notification for a missed call. The company resolved the issue with the new feature, which allows the user to either disconnect the incoming call or disconnect the current call and receive the incoming call.

As much as we would have liked, the messaging app still does not give the user the liberty to put one call on hold and receive another. The feature was made available for iPhones late last month, and now the feature is rolling out for Androids. According to sources, the feature is available on version 2.19.352 of stable Android app, and the version 2.19.357 and 2.19.358 of the beta Android app, both of which are available on Google Play Store.

The user interface for the second incoming call displays two buttons- Decline and End and Accept. The decline button ends the second incoming call and lets the user continue with your call while the end and accept button let the user disconnect the first ongoing call to accept the incoming call.

It is rumored that the company will soon roll out the feature, which will let users put one call on hold, but in the meantime, WhatsApp has released many other features to improve the messaging app.

Another security feature by WhatsApp lets the user decide who can add them in WhatsApp groups, which another feature provides the user with a fingerprint lock function, the feature protects the user’s chat from a stranger.

Another one of the features by WhatsApp lets users use Braille Keyboard in VoiceOver mode, which helps to send a text quickly. Earlier, the app was reported of draining the battery quickly on some devices. The issue, too, is solved WhatsApp.

Another feature that the Facebook-owned messaging app is working on is the Dark Mode. The update is already available on the Android Beta version but is expected to roll out soon. After the release of the Dark Mode feature, the users will have three options to choose from- original light theme, dark mode, and Set by Battery Saver. The third option will enable or disable the Dark Mode depending on your mobile’s battery saver settings. The Set by Battery Saver option, however, will be available for Android (lower versions). For Android 10, the option will be set by default.

Self-destructing messages is another feature that is still stuck in its trial phase on Android beta versions. The feature will cause a message to delete automatically after a chosen period. WhatsApp will allow users to choose between 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year. The message will delete automatically after the chosen time period. The two features are still in their testing phase, and it is not known when the features will be released for all to use.

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